How to use AND Function in Excel

An Excel Function is a predefined formula that executes the actions like calculating values in a precise order. The common functions of Excel are AGGREGATE, AVERAGE, COUNT, INDEX, ROUND, SUM etc. In this blog, we are going to see all the Excel Functions one by one in depth. Also, you will learn the different parts of a function and how to create arguments in them correctly.


The AND Function is a part of the Logical Function. It returns the logical value, either TRUE or FALSE. The AND Function can be used inside the IF Function and can also be combined with the OR Function.

  • What is the AND Function in Excel?
  • What is the syntax for AND Function?
  • How to find values between two numbers using AND Function?
  • How to confirm using AND Function that two ranges of data are equal?
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➡ What is the ‘AND’ Function in Excel?

The Excel Function that returns a Logical value is called AND Function. It returns FALSE if any of the conditions are not true and vice versa. It is used in Excel as a worksheet function. The AND Function can be used as part of a formula in a worksheet. The AND Function is used to determine if all the conditions in a test are TRUE.

➡ What is the Syntax for ‘AND’ Function?

Syntax for AND Function is –

AND (logical1, [logical2],…)


logical1 is the first condition or logical value to evaluate

logical2 is the second condition or logical value to evaluate

Each logical condition evaluates the value either TRUE or FALSE

➡ How to find values between two numbers using AND Function?

 To find out whether a number value falls between the range of two numbers, you can use the AND Function with logical tests. The formula used for finding the numbers between two values is-


➡ Example:

In the picture shown below, you will find two columns having different numbers and the third column holds the values that falls between the range of numbers in column1 and column2. But the data may or may not be correct. To identify this, we need to use a formula. The AND Function will help us to identify the correct values.

The result is in the form of TRUE and FALSE. In the first row in the picture, the value 15 is between the range 10 and 20, therefore the result is TRUE. But, in the second row you have the result -22 for the numbers 20 and 30 which is FALSE as shown below.

How to use Excel AND Function

➡ How to confirm using AND Function that two ranges of data are Equal?

 To confirm two ranges of the same size of data contain the same values, use an array formula using AND Function. The general formula is:


Note: An array formula should be entered pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter

The AND Function evaluates multiple logical expressions, and returns TRUE only when all expressions are TRUE

In this case, the formula simply compares one range with another and returns TRUE or FALSE.

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➡ Points to Remember

  • You can use the AND Function only up to 255 conditions, for testing at the same time
  • The arguments cannot be used for text values or empty cells or else it will be ignored.
  • The AND Function will return #VALUE error if no logical values are found or created during evaluation


This function is a very useful function and it helps to determine whether the conditions specified are true or not. The AND Function returns the logical value only. You can also combine this function with other functions as discussed above.