How to Transpose Excel Columns to Rows | Paste Special Method

‘Paste Special Transpose’ option can be used to switch between Rows to Columns or Vice Versa. In case, if you don’t wish to Paste Special then you can even use the Transpose Function.

While you make the selection of the Data, you select the range of the Data that you wish to re-arrange. This includes any row or Column Labels. Then you press Ctrl+C

Data Re-Arrangement using Transpose in Excel

Most Common query about Paste Special Transpose:

Question: In Microsoft Excel, is there any better and easier Option to use the Paste Special transpose option to do the same?
Answer: Yes. If in case you wish to perform a one-time paste of the values.

>> How to Transpose Excel Columns to Rows Using Paste Special are as follows

  1. Select the Range A1:A5. (Right Click and Select the Copy Option from the Popup Menu.)
  2. Right-click on the cell where you’d wish to paste the values
  3. Select Paste Special Option from the popup menu
  4. Select the TRANSPOSE checkbox and click on OK

See the image below, to know complete transpose function in single image. Share if you like it.

Paste Special Transpose in Excel


Download Excel Sample File

After you return to your spreadsheet, you’ll find the values have been Copied and transposed magically into your sheet.

Note: Don’t worry, paste special isn’t the only option to arrange Multiple Rows and Columns of Data. Wish to convert a single row of labels into Columns? Transpose Option is the way out. Transpose will rearrange Multiple rows and the Columns of Data.

Note: While you do this, ensure you Copy the Data. The Cut Command or the Ctrl+X can’t be applied here or you can try strikethrough

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