Track Changes in Word

In our study today, we will be learning how to TRACK CHANGES in Word.

What is track changes in Word and why it is important?

Most of the time, after typing a word document, we go over it to edit, format or proofread it. We some of the time send this document to other experts or friends to do this for us. On receiving the document, the process of locating the changes done by each individual is tiring and time taking.

Track changes is a way for MS word to keep track of the changes we make to a document and by who. MS Word recognizes the system used for the changes, not the individual who used the system.

Does that not sound like too good to be true? Well, it is true.

For instance, let’s say Mma created a document and sent it via email to Joe, her colleague, for possible feedback. Joe edits the document with Track Changes on. When Joe sends the document back to Mma, Mma can see the changes done by Joe. Assuming Mma sent this document to several people. Mma will still be able to know what changes were done by each individual.

Let’s get busy!

Pick/dust up your computers, pens and paper/jotters, let’s get practical!!!

Edit the document and track the changes

Case Study

Study the document above. Assume this document was sent to you, by a friend. Edit the document and track the changes.

Step 1:

Open a new MS Word page and copy the document.

MS Word-Review-Track Changes

Step 2:

Turn on Track Changes

To do this, on the top Menu Bar, click on the Review Tab. On the drop-down menu in the Tracking Group, choose Track Changes. (Check the picture above).

Once done, you turned on Track Changes.

Good job!!! how to Track Changes in MS Word

With the Track Changes on, your friend can see the changes made on the document.

Now make some changes to the ms word document

Step 3

Now make some changes to the document.

Some changes made to the original document are:

  1. The heading formatted,
  2. 6am’ was changed to ‘6 O’clock in the morning’,
  3. An early rise’ was changed to ‘risen’,
  4. Blinds added,
  5. Comma inserted and ‘it will be’ removed.

view the new document without seeing the changes made

Step 4

To view the new document without seeing the changes made, follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + A to select the document;
  2. Next, Press Ctrl + C to copy the document;
  3. Then, press Ctrl + N to open a new page, and
  4. Finally, press Ctrl + V to paste the copied document in the new page.

Check out the MAGIC!!!

Well Done!!! Now you had learn how to Track Changes in MS Word

If well done, the pasted work will look like the lower picture in the slide above.

How to copy paste to New Document in MS Word

Alternatively, from the Main Menu, select the Home Tab.

Next Select the document to be copied using the mouse, then click on copy. Now go to the home menu and select the File tab, then click on New document and Select a Blank Document.

In the new document, under the Home Tab, click on Paste.

Tip: There are three options here, pick the first one

How to review in Excel


To see the changes made to the document:

Click on the Review Tab, then go to the Tracking Group and click Reviewing Pane.

It got two options, Reviewing pane Vertical or Reviewing Pane Horizontal. Pick the one that you prefer.

The Reviewing Pane (Revisions) will display the changes that were made in the document.


we have learned how to Track Changes in MS Word


In this tutorial, we have learned how to Track Changes in MS Word.

Don’t stop here, practice some more…!!

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