Freeze Row & Column in Excel

Freezing rows and columns in Microsoft excel is one of the most used and useful tool while working on large data and while working with the dashboard. To freeze header row, freeze multiple rows, unfreeze panes, freeze multiple columns, etc. we need to go through the following tutorial.


You free rows when you want to scroll your data downwards.

You can freeze the top row, you can also freeze multiple rows and you can also freeze only the header row. Steps to freeze these are explained below:

Steps to freeze the top row of the spreadsheet:

To freeze the top row of the spreadsheet you need to go to the View tab and in the Window group select Freeze panes. In the drop down menu select Freeze top row.  A blank line will appear and as you scroll down the top row will scroll along with you. This will also be considered if your first row is the header row.

Freeze Multiple Rows:

Steps to freeze multiple rows:

  1. Select the row below the row you want to freeze.
  2. Go to View tab.
  3. Click on Freeze panes and select the first option FREEZE PANES from the freeze pane menu.

You will see that all the rows will be frozen in a dark black line indicating that those particular rows are frozen.

Now that you work is completed and you need to unfreeze the frozen multiple rows, you need to carry out these steps to unfreeze panes:

  1. Go to View tab.
  2. Click on Freeze panes
  3. Select Unfreeze panes.


 You Freeze column in Excel when you want to see your data horizontally. When you select freeze first column you freeze the leftmost column in the spreadsheet.

 Steps to freeze left most Column:

  1. Go to View Tab
  2. Select Freeze panes
  3. Select Freeze first column from the freeze pane menu.

Steps to freeze multiple columns:

  1. Select the column after the column you want to freeze.
  2. Go to view tab
  3. Select freeze panes.
  4. Click on freeze panes from the freeze panes menu.

The procedure to Unfreeze column is the same as the procedure to unfreeze rows in excel.

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