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Compare Abstract in MS Word

Spotting the differences in two similar documents is not easy. It is not only taking, it is also tiring and time taking. we have to go through both documents line after line. Otherwise, have the review document underlined, italic, bold font to help spot differences.

Comparing documents much easier with MS Word!

MS Word has a wonderful way of displaying the compared documents. Compared documents are displayed in a quadruple-split window. (See the picture above). Displayed are the Original, Revised and Compared documents. It also shows highlights of the changes made in the documents in the Revisions Panel.

Now a copy worked on by formatting team, and you want to compare the two documents.

Case Study:

Assume you have written a document of a story/letter/essay. Now a copy worked on by formatting team, and you want to compare the two documents.

NOTE: Before going to the next slide, on your system, open any word document of your choice. Make a duplicate of the document and make some changes in the new document. The First copy of the document is the Original Copy. While the Duplicated copy with some changes is the Reviewed Copy.

compare the documents

The task here is to compare the documents. Also, see exactly what has been changed from the original version of the document. Below are the steps to achieve this.

Step 1:

Open a New MS Word page.

Step 2:

Click on the Review Tab on the Menu Bar.

Step 3:

In the Compare Group, click compare. A dialog box called ‘compare documents’ will pop up.

Original Document

Step 4:

Under the Original Document column, select the original document.

This can be done either by selecting from the list of recently opened documents seen in the drop-down menu or by using the Browse item.

This step is like Step 5.

Step 5: Next, in the Revised Document column, click on the arrow head to drop down the list of recently opened documents. select the revised (altered, reviewed, formatted, edited, changed or mangled) version of the Original document or select it through the Browse item.

Step 6:

Click OK.

See the wonders of MS Word.

Step 7:

See the wonders of MS Word.

Kudos!!! We did it.

How to watch revisions in MS Word

Explanation of Result:

After clicking OK, the display screen is split into three windows (a quadruple). See the picture above.

The Original and Reviewed Documents are on the right side of the display screen. The Compared Document is on the left side. There is the Revisions panel on the left that tells all types of changes done to the original document.

Click on the upward arrow head on the revisions panel. the different types of changes done in groups will be shown.

In the compared document, portions of the original documents that were changed are marked with red vertical lines.

Tip: When you scroll up or down on any part of the documents displayed, all three documents go up or down following your instruction. Try this out.

we have learned how to compare documents


Today we have learned how to compare documents. It is said, practice leads to perfection.

Go through these steps again and again and enjoy the wonders of MS Word.

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