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How to protect cells and hide formula in excel ?

Investment banker protects the excel file by password and hide formula also hide formula in google spreadsheet, but anyone having access to the file can easily access the formulas used in the cell by having a cursor on the cell. As part of our continued Excel Training series,  you will learn how to protect cells in excel.


Learn How to Hide Formula and Protect Cells in Excel

The purpose of hiding the formulas can be to hide the cell reference or hidden formulas used in the preparation of file.

hiding formula from excel and share

  1. Select the range of cells whose formulas you want to hide. You can also select
  • Nonadjacent ranges (by selecting the cell and press control to select another cell) or
  • The entire sheet.





Now you can hide all your excel file with this simple password protect cells and Hide the excel formula. Please keep reading our article on Yodalearning