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Excel versions aka Spreadsheets have a come a long way over the years and plenty of companies today are attempting to build the best one.
Spreadsheets have been used by accountants for hundreds of years. Computerised or electronic spreadsheets are of much more recent origin. Information Systems oral history and some published newspapers and magazines celebrate Dan Bricklin as the “father” of the electronic spreadsheet.
With the first digital spreadsheet software called VisiCalc, introduced in 1978, spreadsheet software has evolved a lot over the years. Spreadsheets have much more importance lately than ever before.
With the introduction of Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel 365, we have amazing new cloud integration features which have added a lot of value to the users.

Microsoft Excel is one such program that almost everyone has used, knowingly or otherwise. Here is an infographic image showing the evolution of the spreadsheet software over the years, from VisiCalc, Lotus, and the first version. The first version of MS Excel was exclusive to Mac, a fact that not many people know about. So let’s take a look at the evolution of the spreadsheet with infographic and which elements make the best one to serve the way you work today and into the future. We leave you to this amazing infographic showing the Excel Versions – Evolution of spreadsheets over the years.

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The key features of excel spreadsheet:

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