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What is Excel VBA? Excel VBA Macros

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In this article, you will know what is Excel VBA?

What is Excel VBA? Excel VBA Macros

VBA which stands for Visual Basic for Applications is the programming language of Excel. You can create a Macro with Excel VBA Macros. Computers and technical devices have their own language to understand the data processing. Although it is like us who need a language, i.e. a medium to talk to and converse.

VBA is the language which Excel understands and talks in. VBA is known and can be used as the Programming language for other Office programs i.e. (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access) as well. We always worry about learning new things thinking that it might be very difficult or we might get stuck somewhere. It is the same thing with learning a new language.

People and users need not worry about Excel VBA, as this programming language is based on its simple rules, structures, and plain English. Once you’re familiar with the programming language of Visual Basic for Applications, you’ll find that you’ll start enjoying VBA and you’ll find yourself investing your major time in utilizing your productivity needs using Excel VBA. Excel VBA the common language for The MS Office Tools, this is one helpful medium for automating tasks. Excel VBA helps you and leads you in killing the monotony that we invite to work.


All the regular tasks which are performed on daily basis and are performed on MS Office Tools such as MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Outlook and MS Access can be automated through Visual Basis of Applications. Not just the regular tasks but VBA helps the people and the employees in automating all kind of reports, irrelevant of the time. The report could be an Annual one, based on every hour, day, week or monthly basis. Even excel VBA is a bang on the invention for the people who can’t cope up with repetitive tasks.

Why Excel VBA Macros tutorials?

People prefer to take Excel VBA Macros Tutorials as it helps the people in providing the solution to a large no. of applications. The add-on point is, Excel VBA Macros, macros help you to automate all the repetitive tasks. VBA Excel Functions and the VBA courses online help the learners in learning the programing language.

The Visual Basic for Application isn’t based on Excel, it is a part of Advanced Excel. Professionals from Corporate and Business Backgrounds are actually dependent on Software and applications these days for interpreting the RAW data. There are so many people out there who are dependent on the usage of Spreadsheet on regular basis.

The people are using spreadsheets for various purposes like in counting their expense on daily basis or to keep a track on the Finance. The spreadsheets gradually took over a wide array of application areas where it even combined ways with automation. With the Visual Basic for Applications, spreadsheets can also be automated. You can obtain your automatic generated sheets with the recording of your own Macros.

Have you heard about Excel Dashboards?

There are also some great Excel dashboards that you can utilize to advance your Excel skills and become a Superstar at your workplace. Not just this much, by the utilization of these best Excel dashboards, you can learn how to work better with spreadsheets and also make improved charts. It is said, once you have learned to work on dashboards in Excel, and then adding objects to a spreadsheet becomes hassle-free

How does the Excel VBA benefit people?

The tutorials which we created on Excel VBA, targets on helping people with spreadsheets. This is a major advantage, the tutorial videos help the people in working in a customized way, in automating repetitive tasks and various other data handling processes in Excel through VBA Coding. So, in this process, various tools are being used such as the Excel Models, Dialog Box, Range Objects, various Office tools and Applications such as Word, Excel, MS Outlook, and Access, these tools help in the manipulation of the Data and in Controlling the applications.

Joining a VBA Course may advance the knowledge of the user and learners in the different Programming Construct and techniques of handling data from the Worksheet.

What is an Array in VBA?

An array is a memory lane which is capable to store in not just one but more than one value. The values must all be of the same data type. Let’s say you want to store a list of your favorite beverages in a single variable, you can use an array to do that. Array in VBA is a memory location, what happens here is, the Memory Location is capable of storing more than one Value. If you wish to store a list of your favorite appetizers, then you can use VBA array to do that.

This shows that when the values are given consideration then it should fall under the same data type. If there is any related or relevant value you can group it under the same name by using an array. There are individual values and these are considered to be the elements of the array. The index is used here to tell them apart. The values which are the elements of the array are contiguous starting from the index 0 to the highest value index.

What are the basic and main Shortcuts for Excel VBA?

The basic and main shortcuts for Excel VBA are as follows:

Excel VBA Shortcuts Shortcut Function
ALT+F8 This will help you to display all macros
ALT+F11 This will help you to view VBA Editor (or to switch back to Excel)

Here are few other shortcuts which will work in Visual Basic Environment i.e. it will work only in the VBA (this is even known as VBE).


Excel VBA Shortcuts  Shortcut Function
F1 F1 to Displays help
F2 F2 to Displays Object Browser
F5 F5 to helps to run a Macro
F7 F7 to displays the code editor
CTRL+G CTRL + G to open immediate window
ALT+Q ALT+Q to close VBA Editor and return to Excel


How is VBA helpful for Personal and Business use?Excel VBA into Separate Workbook

The main advantage of learning VBA, i.e., the programming language is that you get to use it for the benefit of your own Personal use, Company’s use, for other’s work and for businesses as well. A person who has got certain tasks, i.e. maybe using the spreadsheets regularly and on daily basis then an individual can utilize the knowledge of VBA, create the own Macros and automate the task.

The same thing is helpful when you’re working for an entity, a company or any business, what happens if you can automate all the Power-based programs here with the help of Excel VBA. The biggest benefit is, you can bring in use the key features of Excel for your Customized Programs.

Why do people love VBA?

Though it is based on a programming language once you know it, it is really easy for people to give instructions to their device because the instructions are nothing but plain English, instructions written in the form of simple statements. You make Excel behave the way you wish to; the functionality of the Excel gets enhanced and it is for people’s benefit. It is simple, first of all, once you are done learning the programming language, you’ll find it really simple. You’ll find yourself making and writing your own Programs from the moment itself, which is very engaging.

Also, you can even create the user interface just like any other program. Simply drag and drop to bring in an alignment of the graphical user interface controls.

What are the ways by which the tasks can be automated?

While you jump on automating your regular task you can do it either by VBA Programming or by recording a Macro.

  1. VBA Programming isn’t a very complex task but in case if you wish to do it, you must know the VBA Programming techniques.
  2. VBA programming is done in the Visual Basic Environment, i.e. VBE Editor.
  3. Well, here you can automate any task.
  4. You just need to be familiar with VBA Programming skills and then with its help you can automate not just the simple but the complexity of the tasks.
  5. If you plan to do it by recording a macro then you need to learn how to make, create, build and record your own Macros.
  6. What is a Macro and how to Record Macros has already been explained FURTHER?
  7. There are no prerequisites of recording a Macro.
  8. You need not to a Programming expert in order to Record a macro.

What is a MACRO?

Excel VBA Macros

Excel VBA Macros

Macros are a set of statements. Whenever anybody wants to perform a set of action more than once, these statements can be stored in a file and can be used whenever the same set of function is to be performed.


A macro can be called and termed as a set of instructions given to Excel in order to achieve a task or something. If a particular data from sheet 1 is needed in various other sheets, here, record a macro and keep it. Keep the MACRO saved in a file. Now, the time when you wish to distribute the data or put to use the data from the Sheet 1, execute and perform the task as per your wish by utilizing the saved MACRO. Macros, the shortcut way, one follows to do a task repeatedly. A shortcut method of performing the center task.

Why are macros important in Excel VBA?

In case that your work is to handle finance for a company based in Plastic Manufacturing Company. You’ll come across people who make payments via Banks. Here your duty will be to download the entire data which is available online with the bank and then format the same data in the format that meets your company’s requirements. Now you can do this in the Excel and Format it.

What happens is after the observation, it is realized that the employee’s work becomes a tedious task. It bores the employee and the person might end up getting annoyed repeating the task on daily basis. Now here, MACROS can be the savior. What the person can do is, record or create a macro and use it in automating tasks that are being repeated on the regular basis. Macros can be used for recording the steps of:

  1. In case if the person wants to import the data
  2. Formatting the data if you wish to meet your business reporting requirements.

How to Record or Create a Macro in Excel?

  1. Go to Excel and Open the Workbook there
  2. Go to the Developer Tab
  3. Click on Record Macro (The attached image will give you an idea about from where do you get to see the Record Macros option.
  4. Click on command button
    Excel Macros Tutorial
  5. Macro1 will be the MACRO name.
  6. Click on CTRL+SHIFT and the letters that you wish to enter in the Shortcut field.
  7. The assigned Shortcut key letter in the image is C. Well, you’re good to go running a macro just by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+C.
    1. Make sure that you fill in and add in the description of the Macro while creating one. This is going to give you an advanced knowledge in understanding what the Macro is doing for you.
  8. When you save Macros, make sure that you save it in your workbook and it is in a Macro-Enabled Format. Store the recorded macro in Personal Macro Workbook, New Work Book, and the Existing Workbook where you were writing your own Macro.

Any example to provide a better understanding of Learning VBA?

If you have a workbook and your workbook has got a large no. of worksheets. i.e. it is full of heave data sheets. Now, if you wish to change the name of all the worksheets to match the heading on the list of the worksheet. All the worksheets have not got a list of it. If there is a list then it means that the heading is in the Cell B1 and if it doesn’t then the Cell B1 will be blank. Now the names of the worksheets without lists should be spared alone.

Since, what happens is, this task might appear to be a bit complex as, it requires you to see and scan each worksheet, if it has got any heading at the top or not. If it has got the list then what you are supposed to do is, copy the name, click on the worksheet tab and paste in the new name where ever necessary. So, the observation says, this task becomes hectic and boring if done manually. The best way to juggle up with such tasks is to use Excel VBA and rename all the sheets automatically.

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