How to Customize PowerPoint Slides Only in 15 Minutes? | Powerpoint Presentation Tutorial

Is your boss constantly nagging your head to complete the PPT in few minutes? In such cases, use shortcuts to get your work done faster, smoother as well as qualitative. I exhibit five effective PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial that you wished you would know much before so that you would complete creating your presentation within no time. Whether you are a college amateur using PowerPoint for projects or a businessman using it to present proposals and reports, PowerPoint Presentations become an indispensable tool to make things work out in your professional life. Here is a list of such smart powerpoint presentation tips.

Learn Powerpoint Slides in 15 Minutes

  1. I wanted to do something unusual with the size of the slides. Default slide size sounds so repetitive. Hardly anybody is aware of customizing your slide size feature in PowerPoint. Most of you’ll think that there is only one size of the slides. However, I chose my own slide size by following these steps-


  • Click on the Design Tab.
  • Look on the top extreme right for the Slide Size
  • Type the desired height and the width of the slide. Slide size can be selected in inches or pixels.
  • Click Ok.

2. I had to make a PPT showing our upcoming project to start a new hotel. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find a suitable pre-made template. Hence, I thought customizing the template will be the best option.


  • I clicked on the Design Tab, where I found already existing templates.
  • I clicked on Edit Master (far right side), and then Slide Master.
  • Finally, I edited the template as I wanted.
  • When I was completely done with personalizing the template, the next obvious step was to click on the Close Master In this way, I could customize all the current as well as forthcoming PowerPoint presentation slides at one stroke.

3. Since I am working on a hotel project, it becomes necessary to explain how the hotel will look like to the fellow investors. I thought to add animations in order to impress and develop the interest of potential investors. Instead of adding the same old animations, I tried my hands on personalizing them. Here are the steps that helped me to add animations-



  • I clicked on the animation tab.
  • I kept clicking on the down arrow in the animation gallery box until I found the Custom Path
  • It took a few trials to work on the custom path option. However, I was patient enough to create my own animation. Phew! This was the trickiest and the most time-consuming step in the entire process of customizing animations. After a few trails, you are all sorted. I think, henceforth I would never use the pre-made animations. With these PowerPoint effects, your slides will make others look in awe.

4. I wanted to add a little tweak to make my presentation a little more efficient. Hence, I used this under-valued feature, Transition Duration. I found some transitions were either too fast or too slow. Setting my own transition pace was the only best option that I could think of. effective-mic-ppt-presentations-tips-5

  • I selected the Transition tab and looked up for a box to the right side for changing the desired time on the transitions.

5. Now, I got stuck when I had to combine shapes to make the logo of my hotel. Of course, I am a naïve in using Adobe Photoshop, especially to create new and unique shapes. Besides everything, I believe that PowerPoint is simple, user-friendly and quick compared to Adobe Photoshop. With combined PowerPoint shapes, I could create a logo with a little style and spark. Read the following steps to know how to do it-effective-mic-presentation-tips-6

  • Start with drawing shapes that you want to combine. There are ample of shapes available in a range of colours. You can access them from the Insert tab.
  • Select those shapes that you wish to combine by using the CTRL key and clicking.
  • Go to the Format tab, click the Merge Shapes button.
  • Lastly, click combine to get the desired result.

With these powerpoint presentation tips and tricks, you can easily use PowerPoint smartly with time-constraints. Though these tips are few, but it can always prove useful to you. All these tricks help you to make your Powerpoint presentation look exclusive and outstanding amongst the crowd. Gaining MS Office Tips is a never-ending process. So, what are you waiting for?

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