Chrome and Excel Shortcuts

1. #YodaHacks – 7 Killer Chrome Tricks:

Ready to exercise your killer Chrome skills? Learn how to open your last link, pin your tab, toggle between tabs and more!

a. Unable to connect to the Internet? Play the dinosaur game.

b. Ctrl + W: closes the window

c. Ctrl + Shift + N: Opens Incognito Window which does not store history

d. Ctrl + Shift + T: Open the last closed window

e. Ctrl + Tab: Toggle between tabs in Chrome

f. Pin a Tab: It minimizes the size of the Opened Tab

g. Shift + Esc: Opens Chrome Task Manager

2. #YodaHacks – Ninja Excel Shortcuts Part 1:

In this tutorial, we will cover some basic and useful excel shortcuts like

a. Alt: Display key tips next to each Ribbon command

b. Ctrl+D: Copy the cell contents down

c. Ctrl+R: Copy the cell contents to the right

3. #YodaHacks – Ninja Excel Shortcuts Part 2:

In this tutorial, we will cover basic and extremely useful excel shortcut Ctrl+Enter.

4. #YodaHacks – Ninja level Excel Challenge – Data Re-Arrangement:

Learn how to re-arrange your row data into columns.

5. #YodaHacks – 4 Quick Time-Saving Tricks for Financial Modelling:

Highly recommended for Financial modeling professionals and heavy users for excel formats. Introducing Macabacus – Learn how to quickly cycle font colours, cell fill colours, cell borders so that you can create financial models with minimum key strokes.

a. Ctrl + ‘ : Select from cycle of Font Colours

b. Ctrl + Shift + K: Cell fill colors

c. Ctrl + Shift + Alt: Bordering the cell

d. Case of the Text inside a cell e.g. Uppercase, Lowercase

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