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Top 5 Best Data Visualization Tools in 2020

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Data Visualization Tools

Data is most important in today’s world. Almost all enterprises rely on data for their businesses. Data is gathered from all the available sources possible. The data gathered is used for analysis and to create visualizations. A lot of visualizations tools have emerged as the visualization of data is increasing. In this post, I am going to share the 5 best Data Visualization Tools that you should learn in 2020.

What is Data Visualization?

Humans can process the visual representation of anything very clearly rather than written content. Analyzed data in the written form is sometimes hard to analyze. If a visual or chart is created on this analyzed data, the conclusions can be drawn very easily. Data coming to an organization, when analyzed properly and represented in a pictorial or graphical form is termed as Data Visualization.

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Importance of Data Visualization

The following are the points that represent the importance of Data Visualization:

  • Complex numerical and statistical data is easy to understand when represented in visual form.
  • Data scientists and analysts can rely on the visualization of the analyzed to draw business conclusions
  • The visual representation of the analyzed data helps in explaining the outcomes to the business higher-ups easily
  • Visual representation of the data aids to decrease human error in analyzing the data

Top 5 Best Data Visualization Tools

With the emergence of the trend of data analytics, many visualization tools emerged too. It is very difficult to choose the best visualization tool for your business. Below are the best visualization tools along with their exclusive features:

Power BI Data Visualization Tool

Power BI is the product of Microsoft. Power BI is a professional tool and mainly focuses on analysts, developers and business users. Microsoft now offers Power BI in office 365 package and thus it can be easily integrated with MS-Excel.

Data Visualization Tools

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  • It integrated easily with all Microsoft tools
  • The visualization list is updated often
  • It provides a full library of Power Apps
  • Best for MS-Excel savvy users

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Tableau Data Visualization Tool

Tableau helps in combining many tools. The Tableau product suite comprises of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Online, and Tableau Server. The other product Tableau Reader does not really require to download the Tableau software. Users can access the Tableau desktop to view the dashboards and reports created.

Data Visualization Tools


  • Tableau offers its product according to the need of a user
  • Data is modeled automatically in the data preparation step, thereby fast-forwarding the process
  • Diversity of visualization can be created with the help of gallery extensions provided
  • Inbuilt developer tools to personalize Tableau experience.

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IBM Cognos Analytics

The key feature of IBM Cognos Analytics is that it provides a wide diversity of visualization which includes advanced analytics, Geo-Spatial Mapping, and AI recommendations. Their AI is able to communicate in natural English language that helps to ask direct questions and get assistance with ease.

Data Visualization Tools


  • It can integrate a wide range of data sources in a single module
  • Provides Geo-Spatial mapping
  • AI feature to communicate and assist in natural language

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira helps you to build great visualizations with SAP’s Lumira Designer, Discovery and its Server Editions. The reports developed in SAP Lumira can be built rich with the feature of scripting integration. The visualizations built with Lumira is responsive in nature.


  • It offers three main products – SAP Lumira Designer, Discovery & Server Edition
  • It assists in building advanced charts
  • It can build responsive layout dashboards and reports
  • Provide support in OLAP

Qlik Sense Data Visualization Tool

Qlik Sense is the product of Qlik Tech and is a powerful self-service analytical tool. It helps the professionals to develop personalized and interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations. It helps in the end to end analysis.

Data Visualization ToolsHighlights:

  • The report is created by drag and drop method
  • New extensions can be created manually for enhanced versions of visualizing dashboards
  • Qlik view load-scripts migration is available


Looker provides the multi-cloud facility. Users can build their own visualization using Java-Script language. Customized data analytics blocks are available to create great visualization.

Data Visualization Tools


  • It helps in building drilling visualizations at a row-level
  • It provides real-time data exploration
  • It provides extensive customizations to build visualizations

The above stated were a few of the best visualization tools of 2020. In addition to these, there are visualization tools such as Fusion Charts, High Charts, Sisense, Plotly, ZOHO analytics and many more. You can select from the wide tray of visualization tools suitable for your business.

So, which tool you are going to try?

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