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7 Benefits of Power BI – You Must Know

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Benefits of Power BI

Power BI is a self-service BI analytics and visualization tool. As the business data is increasing, it is becoming impossible for tools like MS Excel to handle the huge amount of data and carry out all the analysis functions. Thus, most of the times analysts have to rely on incomplete data to perform analytics. Incomplete data cannot give the perfect insights and it is a wrong practice to do so. To overcome all these challenges, Microsoft came up with Power BI. In this article, we discussed the Benefits of Power BI & its advantages.

The challenge of businesses in handling and analysis of data is ever-growing. The way to overcome them is shown by Power BI. All these benefits are listed by our Power BI Training Expert.

Top 7 Benefits of Power BI | Why Power BI is Important?

Benefits of Power BI

The following reasons make Power BI utter important in this era:

1. Integration with Data Source

Power BI gives us the power pact integration with a lot of data sources. It can connect to various sources that bring all the data in one place to perform analysis. It can connect to almost all the databases you can think of and the list is still growing every day.


The following are the few examples of connectors providers for Power BI Data Sources:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Quosal
  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce Sales Manager
  • Salesforce Sales Rep
  • Scoop and many more

2. Vast Data Handling Capacity

Power BI has a special feature of compressing data and storing it. Due to this ability, it can handle a huge amount of data with ease beyond one’s imagination.

Analytics can be performed better as the whole data can be used all at once.

To get insights into this compressed data, drill-down functionality can be used.

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3. Visualization

Power BI offers impeccable visualization of the analyzed data. Gone are the days when IT personals were required to build the visualizations by writing complex codes. Power BI offers a seamless visual creation experience without any coding knowledge background.

It provides a variety of chart options to create your visualizations.

4. Familiarity with the Legend (MS Excel)

As it is the product of Microsoft, it is giving the leverage that it can easily connect with all the Microsoft Products and offers somewhat the same working structure. In this way, it does not prove a difficult learning experience. It is a lot familiar in nature for its working to MS Excel. Analysts even debate that Power BI is easy than MS Excel.


5. Power BI Cloud

It has now become necessary to collaborate and share all the work you have done. The technology is upgrading and so is the way of working. Now you can sit anywhere in the world and work on your things and can shift all your work to cloud for your partner to view it and add his own work to complete the work.

Power BI offers the functionality to upload your Power BI Dashboards and Reports to the cloud to share and distribute.

6. Mobile Apps

The devices we work on are becoming compact. The technology has made it possible to integrate everything in the mobile phones and Power BI is no exception.

You do not need to open your laptop or PC to view the reports, you can view it from anywhere in your mobile application of Power BI.

7. Every Day a Better Day

Power BI has a vast community. Thus, the community keeps on working on newer trends of Power BI daily. It is then shared in the community. Microsoft then makes amendments to Power BI so that it can work the way its people want.

Benefits of Power BI: Conclusion

The benefits of Power BI are seamless. All the organizations big or small are adopting Power BI usage after discovering its importance. Power BI is the next generation tool to help lead a better life and thus it is very important.

These are some Power BI Benefits you must know to shift your reporting from Excel to Power BI. If you want to learn Power BI then check our latest Power BI Training Program. This training helps you to prepare a best-in-class report in Power BI.

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