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Alteryx for Beginners – Alteryx Online FREE Course

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Alteryx for Beginners Course is designed for the people who hardly know about Alteryx or how it can be used. We have kept in mind this type of Audience of ours who are the first-time users of technology beyond MS Excel. For them, MS Excel is the solution to all things. Check out What is the Alteryx Designer? and the Importance of Alteryx.

We have come up with this beginner’s Online Alteryx Course to let our users taste the difference. It contains all the necessary information to begin from scratch. Alteryx for Beginners Course consists of four sections to explain the journey of MS Excel to Alteryx and Alteryx basics. Alteryx Download & Install for Windows Step-by-Step.

The segments are as follows:

  1. Microsoft Excel to Alteryx
  2. Power Query to Alteryx
  3. Explore the Alteryx User Interface
  4.  Alteryx Case Study with Example

Let us go through each of them one by one in detail;

Microsoft Excel to Alteryx

In this video, the limitation of Microsoft Excel is explained well. Few of the limitations of Excel stated in the video are;

  • The monotonous work of Copy – Paste – Repeat
  • Its speed of operating slows down with the usage of VLOOKUPs and SUMIFs
  • MS Excel cannot handle the data file exceeding 1 million rows
  • For using Automation in Microsoft Excel, coding knowledge is mandatory

Then the detailed working of MS Excel with all the steps included adding the business segments of the particular category. The business segments of the category are to be included in the sales file from another file. Some of the Business Segment categories have null values, then replacing those null values with proper values and then finally adding it to the main Excel sheet is all included in this video. Its main aim is to provide you insights into how exactly Excel works so that it can then show you the wonders of Alteryx.

Power Query to Alteryx

In this video, a detailed description of how Power Query works for the same manipulation, as stated in the above example is shown.

But if some data of the company like Book My Show comes into picture then the data is vast in volume and increases in size always, speed is the crucial aspect, frequently it requires to refresh the data, predictive Analysis, trigger-based values and Input for visualization tools. Power Query is unable to do this. This is where Alteryx comes to rescue. It can solve all these problems.

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Explore the Alteryx User Interface

In this video, the user interface of Alteryx is explained along with their working and significance.

The Alteryx user interface is divided into 5 segments namely;

  1. Tool Pallet
  2. Tool Search Box
  3. Canvas (displays workflows)
  4. Configuration Panel (settings box)
  5. Results Panel

Interview Q&A: 101 Alteryx Interview Questions and Answers

Alteryx Sales Data Example – Case Study

In this video, the same example is taken to show its work in the way in Alteryx. The objective is to find the output of US sales to date for the four business segments.

The output needs to come out like the above video. The whole workflow is designed and explained in this section of the video. Download Alteryx Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Thus, with the help of the above segments, we have successfully discussed the transition of Microsoft Excel to Power Query to Alteryx. We took the same example of three-year sales data and is worked on Excel, Power Query, and Alteryx. You have seen the difference in the working type of Alteryx. This Alteryx for Beginners course makes life easy and automated.

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