Add APA Page number in MS Word with 3 Easy Steps

How to add APA Page numbers in MS Word? While writing documents or preparing a project report, it becomes mandatory to serialize all pages. MS Word has the option to give a serial number to the pages. The page numbers can be in the header or footer of the page with alignment options and style. An option is available to choose the starting number or type of number e.g. Roman, alphabetical, etc.

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Here is step by step process to Add and Remove Page Numbers:

Step 1:

  • There is a word document having four pages.
  • To number the pages select Insert tab from the menu bar
  • Then select page number option.

apa page numbers

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Step 2:

  • You will find options to choose page number formats.
  • Select any one of your choices.
  • We select the Bottom of Page style and the page number will appear in the footer of each page as shown in below picture:

Step 3:

  • The page number will start from “1 Page“.
  • If you want to start from zero or from a number of your choice then choose ‘format page number’ option from ‘Page Number’ in the ‘Insert Tab’.
  • You will get following window from where you can set the number you want to initialize sequencing.

Step 4:

Similarly, we can remove page number from all the page number. Do so Double click Header or Footer -> Page Number -> Remove Page Numbers

Conclusion: This how we add APA Page numbers in Microsoft Word.

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