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All About Access Office 2016 & Skype for Business

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Microsoft Access Office 2016


Microsoft has launched Office 2016. Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team said, “We’ve been in private preview with Access Office 2016 for several months. To be clear, this early build doesn’t yet contain all the features we’re planning to ship in the final product”. The preview version is targeted towards IT professionals and Developers.

Microsoft has planned to release a technical preview of Access Office 2016 first, just like it has been doing with Windows 8 and Windows 10. A Developer Preview, Release Preview, a Consumer Preview and then the final version. It helps generate a lot of hype around the product.

In Access Office 2016 preview, Excel, Word, PowerPoint will have a new feature called Data Loss Protection (DLP), earlier added to Exchange, Outlook, OneDrive.

Kirk Koenigsbauer also said, “Now we’re ready to expand the program to our commercial Office 365 customers, an important milestone that gives IT pros and developers an opportunity to start testing the upcoming release.”

Once people start using the preview, the bugs encountered by them will help Microsoft come up with fixes. Thus Microsoft has enough time to beta test the product and make necessary changes.

Additionally, there are no changes to be found in Macros and Add – ins. considering how important these features are, Microsoft is not risking to test an incompatible new feature. For Outlook, Microsoft has addressed readability issues and has introduced a dark theme for users with visual impairments.

Throughout the course of the preview, customers should look out for monthly updates, aimed at adding new features until the final product release.



Alongside the Office 2016 preview, Microsoft is also launching a test version of Skype for Business. In May 2011, Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. In November 2014 Microsoft had announced that the next version of Lync would be called Skype for Business.

Giovanni Mezgec, general manager for the Skype for Business team said, “ I am thrilled to announce that the technical preview of the Skype for Business client starts today and that the new client, server and online service will become generally available starting in April!”


Skype for Business, the new version of Lync will contain additional features, enterprise-grade security, compliance and control to IT.

It will be a built in inside Office, thus features like IM, voice and video calls, online meetings will become a part of office experience. The new Skype for Business will enable people to search for anyone in Skype. It could also be someone outside their organization. The tech preview gives current Lync customers a chance to try Skype for Business and get ready to upgrade.

Access Office 2016 Preview 

Access Skype for Business Technical Preview

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