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Doesn’t it feel great to get that approval from your boss that everyone around you is striving for? Of course, it does. After reading this article, that dream is going to come true really soon. funny-cats-like-a-boss-1   Here are some excel charts hack to be used in your Excel Dashboard to make your charts stand out from everyone else’s:

  1. Use familiar charts format:

Although it may look much more sophisticated and complicated to use highly multidimensional chart formats to represent your data in the excel dashboard, it is highly unadvisable. Instead, you should use the chart formats your managers and executives are already familiar with. The major advantage of this is that most such senior executives are habituated to reading the same and can easily assimilate the data represented in these chart formats. chart These are some of the visual representations which are easy for everyone to read and understand.

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  1. Keep charts simple:

This is a power point trick one must remember when going for any visual representation of data. Using graphic, dashboard, animation to woo your audience is one thing, but trying to decorate your chart too much with unnecessary background decorations can be hazardous. This is because it diverts the attention of the reader from the actual purpose of the chart. Also, it doesn’t really add any new information to it. Hence, while making your excel dashboard, just as while making your power point presentation, one must remember that less is more. chart2


Here, instead of using the first one it is more advisable to use the second format for your charts.

  1. Avoid transmitting information using colour codes:

Colour codes are not universal per se, except few like red and green. Hence, you should avoid trying to represent any information on your charts with just colour codes. If used, such codes should be accompanied by an index telling the readers specifically what is meant by each colour. Chart4

  1. Careful while using pie charts and other graphs:

You should always take extra care while using any graphs and charts in your dashboard, especially the pie charts. Pie charts happen to be the most controversial visual representation of data since it is very easy to misread. Hence, it is generally advised to avoid using pie charts at your workplace excel dashboards. If used, such pie charts should not have more than six segments, in order to ensure that the chart is simple to read. The same also goes for any other graphs where lots of divisions are necessary to transmit the data. If six segments are not enough in any such case, it is advisable to use a different graph altogether instead of making the same graph way too complicated to read. chart5

  1. Using animations:

It is true that graphics, dashboard, animations attract the reader to concentrate more on your presentation, but you should always be careful not to overdo the same. It should always be kept in mind that no graphics, dashboard, animations, howe6652-01-hand-drawn-bar-chart-toolkit-5-558x314ver unique, add any value to the presentation of data. Hence, the amount of animation used has to be limited to the level of attracting the audience. If such animation exceeds the right amount, it might make the presentation confusing and give it a cluttered look instead of helping your cause. chart6

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