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4x Faster at Excel

Want to be 4x Faster at excel

When you have got any Calculation or Tabular Work, you call out for?


What do you think is the Most in-demand skill in the Market?


The one skill you need to Master before you start working?


Heck, my first course was also made in Excel. And it was 4X Faster at Excel

4X Faster at Excel: A Step- by- Step Guide to deal with the Data-Driven Market and become Master of the Spreadsheets.Whether you’re a beginner at Excel or an Advanced Excel Expert, 4X Faster at Excel will give you all the tools, Tips and Tricks to skyrocket your Career in Advanced Excel.

Looking for Practical and in-depth knowledge about Excel? 4X Faster at Excel will help you build your Excel Skills with 50+ Power Tips on Excel

Why are you so scared of Excel?

  • Do you often give up on MS Excel before trying?
  • Are you struggling alone to impress your Boss and colleagues?
  • Not able to split Data across your Worksheet?

If you’re one of those people, don’t worry.

Even I took time to get a grip and develop my likings for Excel.

4X Faster at Excel promises to fix everything you fear about Excel.


The best part about Learning Excel is that it helps us to save our time with careful applications of Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions.

There are a no. of possible ways holding you back from achieving whatever you want.

(Also, one reason could be: You still do not have 4X Faster at Excel. 😉)

Lead Your Pain

Well, even you can ask me about anything and any doubt that is related to Excel. Ask Now!

My students often ask, what is the biggest reason that keeps people away from Excel?

There are 5 major problems that are keeping you away from learning Excel are:

  • You FREAK OUT when you see Excel 
  • The study material you referred was CONFUSING
  • You GAVE UP Excel in the midway
  • You are OUT OF TIME
  • You think Excel is GOOD ONLY for Business applications or heavy data

4X Faster at Excel is made out of Master Tricks.

You can get rid of these Problems in 20 seconds.

Get the access to 4X Faster at Excel. Check it out

How can you become 4x Faster at Excel?

4X Faster at Excel will take you from the Beginner to the Advanced Level.

There are a few parts of the Advanced Excel Program which you must know, most of these are pretty intuitive.

If you have Microsoft Excel in your computer and you never got around to using it,

I urge you to check it out.  I bet you won’t regret it.

Checkout what you will learn in excel course?: Click here

Once you learn the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level of Excel:

You’ll become the most Confident Excel User.

Frankly speaking, I’m not surprised when you say that you suck at Excel.

These are the common problems of the learners.

Even I was a Beginner and had to take the Right Excel Course. Only then, I was able to create something Magical Like 4X Faster at Excel

Who would have guessed about the pessimist kid who was scared of Excel would be training Big Shots, passing Tips and Tricks on Excel one fine day?

Why Excel has already consumed your 300+ hours at Work?

It is because you take a lot of time in:

  • Bringing information from various Documents and files at a place.
  • Data Sorting and Filtering
  • Building Mixed Type Charts
  • Summarizing Data using Pivot Table
  • Combining Multiple Tables and Creating Reports
  • Converting between Excel Data Types
  • Formatting Excel using Merge, Wrap Text & Conditional Formatting Feature

4X Faster at Excel introduces the Basic Excel Skills.

This will help you work faster while using Excel Formulas and Functions in Excel.

Not just this much but with 4X Faster at Excel, you’ll learn:

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Why 2 VLOOKUPS are Faster than 1 VLOOKUP?
  2. Why Index Match is the Alternative to VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP Formulas?
  3. Why Nested IF Formulas can be a Nightmare?
  4. How Concatenate helps in making the Worksheets more Dynamic?  
  5. What happens when OFFSET is Combined with SUM or Average?
  6. How to split Data across Workbooks and Worksheets?

Do you deal in Business?

If yes. 70% of your Business work will be done by using 30% of MS Excel.

But do you know the Perfect Excel Trick that you must be using to deal with larger Datasets?

4X Faster at Excel teaches you what you missed learning in MS Excel.

I recommend you to learn and master the Advanced Excel Functions and Tricks that will do the majority of your work in seconds.

Excel for any knowledge worker is a powerful tool.

And that is why you can’t miss upon 4X Faster at Excel

You can now become 4x Faster at Excel: Enroll Now

Why you need to select the Right Course for learning Excel?

Nobody is really ready to teach you the full particulars of Advanced Excel.

  • People expect you to know the way around learning Excel?
  • You were embarrassed when you had to do a simple task in Excel using Excel Functions. And, you had to look out for your colleagues to help you with the task?

And do you know about the most annoying part?

When you end up asking the wrong person.

4X Faster at Excel won’t be embarrassed in teaching you.

Learning from 4X Faster at Excel is going to save you 300+ hours of Work.

MS Excel is based on Simple tips and tricks. And 4X Faster at Excel guides you with the Tips and Tricks of Excel. This is guaranteed to transform your life without investing years to learn this Course.

6 reasons why you should be learning Excel online are: 

, 4x Faster at Excel

  1. To Impress your boss
  2. To get a Salary Hike
  3. To get a Promotion
  4. To be independent at your workplaces
  5. To attract your colleagues and
  6. To use Excel as a weapon in getting ahead of your Colleagues

What would you prefer? Giving up on your dreams or your career?

I can’t let go of either of the options.

I’d rather take up the challenge, start learning Excel right away and use the productivity as my Career Opportunity.

Giving up on Excel would have been a failure for me so I thought of sticking to the Former.

If you’re not an Excel whiz, don’t worry about it. After spending so many years in providing Excel Training, it seems like, I’ve spent most of the time living in Excel, and I’ve loved every bit of it.

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6 must-to-know Advantages of 4X Faster at Excel are:

Are you wondering how 4X Faster at Excel Guide can bring a difference in your life?

The benefits are multiple just the Source is one.

Let me give you a quick briefing on the advantages of Excel:

  1. Beneficial to your Business Organization: Take advantage of the flexibility which Excel provides to Build Custom reports considering the Database. Excel helps in ensuring that your Business is meeting all the Current Business information. Also, the Competitive Market.
  2. Power Users and analytics Rejoice: Excel helps to harness the power to build bigger and more Complex Spreadsheets
  3. You get to do things easily and quickly: Excel simplifies how you can smoothly access its features. Once you learn Excel, you can easily customize your favorite Commands. This helps to personalize the experience of your Workstyle
  4. Adds sophistication to your Presentation: The Formula intense Worksheet helps you to work with the massive amount of data with an ease. The Calculation and data manipulation is rapid and you can arrange your data beautifully the way you wish to
  5. Give improved and Powerful Support to your colleagues: You can help your Colleagues in an absolute advanced manner with Excel. Learning Excel not only helps you with the Data Presentation but introduces you to the Excel Tips and Tricks. Excel Tips and Tricks are Wow. And can make you look like a hero in front of your Colleagues. You can teach them these Excel Tricks every single time they get stuck at work
  6. Can apply the trends and impress your Boss: With Excel, you’ll be able to display Confidence in every task you take. No more Hide & Seek with the Boss. Your Boss will be surprised to see you coming & taking up the challenges

Isn’t it really cool? 

Who knows if you’re the next Boss?

Get closer to 4x Faster. Join Now

What to ignore while learning Excel?

There are a few basic yet very important things that you must keep in mind before you decide to learn Advanced Excel. These are:

The videos you watch:

Before you follow any platform blindly on YouTube for e.g. Excel Tutorials on YouTube. You have to make sure that the Excel lessons are getting delivered properly and the content is rich

The instructor you follow:

Selecting the right instructor and the Best online Excel Training plays the most crucial role in learning Advanced Excel. Go through the demo lectures and tutorials to keep things clear. If you find the tutorials are easy to understand then go ahead

Have a roadmap ready:

If you have a roadmap to Excel, a lot of things become easier. You already know what you wish to achieve in Excel. That was REALLY interesting as it shows various options/ways to know what is MS Excel and its uses?  It presents the professional way of doing it.

To me, my learners are my Top Priority. When I started working on these Modules, I had only one objective. I wanted 4x Faster to be a relief to all my learners who really wish to learn Excel

What else do you wish for?

I’ve created some of the most beautiful and complex spreadsheets – Pivot Tables, VBA functions, Arrays and Lookups that worked together in a very fine structure.

And then with the continuity and constant trials I became an expert.

You can learn my 10 years of Experience in just 11 Hours. And I’m sure you do not have any reason to give up on this.

Everything is covered in my 4X Faster at Excel Guide.
 Get closer to 4x

Download the ultimate 4X Faster at Excel Guide, and learn about the amazing examples covered in the course.

What is the right time to take 4X Faster at Excel?

When I started working, most of my Office Task revolved around Excel.

It was a very embarrassing phase. I’ve spent 486 hours on my desk clearing the theory of Excel.

Believe me, Advanced Excel isn’t that easy.

There are approximate:

  • 300+ Excel shortcuts
  • 400+ Excel functions
  • Hundreds of different features

The biggest question is:

When to start learning these Excel Shortcuts, Basic Excel Formulas and Functions in Excel?


When you start now, you’ll automatically feel persuaded to learn advanced Functions of Excel.

Knowing Excel is the absolute best feeling in the World.

I have come across pretty shocked people in my life because of my Excel Training.

They wonder why I became CA if I had to train people in Excel. I’ve never felt disappointed by these remarks. Advanced Excel came as a Surprise to me. And now it’s difficult to imagine my life without it. 

In 4X Faster at Excel, you’ll be getting additional benefits: Training Material, Case studies and eBooks of Excel.

These are like Excel Capsules. Take one and you can immediately start taking the advantage of Excel’s Powerful Features.

In 11 hours, you can feel the Excel Giant rising in you. And once that giant is up.

*giggles* you’re not getting rid of Advanced Excel.

, 4x Faster at Excel

I had never imagined that I’d train 12K+ people in my life. One night I thought of checking my Dashboard, what came as a surprise to me was, I had 1,00,000 monthly users reading my Blog.

That was one Surpassing feeling. 

Who would have thought that I’d be rolling dollars in few hours of Excel Training?

The moment I started using Advanced Excel, I discovered how much easier and customizable the tasks are in Excel.

I’ve spent a goodly proportion of my free time summarizing on to excel.

My problem is that I’m addicted to Excel.

If you’ll check my Work

you’ll know why I’m telling this.

Get the 4x Faster Now!

Why 12K+ people were interested in Advanced Excel Course?

The most important part is to follow in the footsteps of a right instructor for learning Excel.

You need to see the real beauty of Microsoft Excel.

People and employees these days want to add Excel as a skill on their Resumes.

To manifest and change your career you’ve to take the right course.

4X Faster at Excel will help you get what you want.  

Take the 4x faster excel capsule Check now

In case, if wish to get a sneak peek into my Instructor Profile:

rishabh pugalia

Hi, I’m Rishabh Pugalia, a Chartered Accountant from India.

I have worked with KPMG (Audit) and J.P. Morgan (Debt Capital Markets) and Futures First (Proprietary Trading Desk) before venturing into Corporate Training (first part-time and then full-time) Taught 12k+ participants across PwC, EY and Deloitte over last 10 years

After a decade of corporate training and winning multiple accolades in Office Productivity and Financial Modelling, in 2015, I created a mission to help 1 million people by 2020. I started creating high-quality video courses and helped people online to become faster-smarter-better at work. A lot of my students at PwC, EY, Deloitte, Amazon, Uber, Tata Group, Rio Tinto use these video courses to excel at work.

It is not the end. You’ll get a life-saving Cheat Sheet


Certificate when you’ve become 4x faster in Excel.

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Why will you miss an Online Excel Course with Certificates?

 I’m 100% committed to delivering quality and hence I offer a personal guarantee that you will benefit from 4X Faster at Excel (and if you don’t, I don’t need your money. No questions asked)

30 days money back gauarantee



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t worry. If you’ve complaints, you’ve my back. You can ask for refund without any question. Refund will be applied. It’s 100% Risk-Free


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