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December 27, 2019

How to Use First Row As Headers in Power Query

One of the features of the Power Query is that it allows you to promote the first row as column headers. Let’s take an example where you have the data set as shown below. Use First Row As Headers By Power Query Here, the headers are not meaningful as it is showing the headers as Column1,...
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Top 10 Reasons Why Tableau is a necessity for Business

Why Tableau is a necessity for Business? Due to the proliferation of the internet, data is increasing day by day. Thanks to the advent of Business Intelligence tools that help to manage vast amounts of data. One of the most popular tools that fall under this category is Tableau. Learn about the Introduction of Tableau...
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Split Column in Power Query

Power Query helps you to perform a series of steps to modify your data. One of the steps is to split a column by the number of characters easily. How to Split Column in Power Query This is helpful when you have columns that you want to split by an equal number of characters, for...
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Working with Excel Formula Shortcuts | Excel tips & tricks

What will you get in excel formula shortcuts? You will come to know every single excel formula shortcuts and how to use it. You can use this shortcuts you optimize your daily work. With the help of this tutorial, I had helped almost 10000+ visitors to improve the skills and save time at the office....
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Pivot Table in Excel for Beginners to Advanced User’s

INTRODUCTION TO PIVOT TABLE IN EXCEL When you have a large amount of data in your worksheet and you can’t analyze or sort the data then Pivot Table in Excel helps you to carry out the task easily and more conveniently. Pivot Tables are powerful functions in excel. We are going to start with what...
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