December 25, 2019

INDIRECT Function with SUM, MAX, MIN & Independent Cell Value

Indirect Function in Excel returns a reference to a range. Excel Indirect functions are useful to create a reference that won’t change if columns or rows are inserted in a worksheet. There are a number of indirect functions in excel such as SUM, MAX, MIN & Independent Cell Value. In this tutorial, we explain one...
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Find & Replace – using wildcard Character (*)

This time we’ll talk about “Find and Replace” and we’ll see its importance in the context of data cleaning. In fact, I have to start with the data which is going to illustrate how is this going to be used. For example, if I have a set of names with certain extra data with respect...
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Insert a Picture into a Cell in Excel

Supposedly, you wish to fit in the logos of the Companies in your Excel Sheet. How are you going to do this? You need to know, how to insert a Picture into a Cell in Excel. To show pictures in the adjacent cell or any other cell, instructed in a column you must know how...
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10 Ninja Tips in Excel

Excel Tips We have made this infographic on Top 10 useful Ninja Tips in Excel. A quick reference point for busy professional working on big financial Data models. Take a look at these Excel Shortcuts to improve your efficiency and productivity in excel. Subscribe now and Get a handbook on Excel Tips and Tricks: I...
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