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December 21, 2019

5 Excel Charts Hack to Make Your Boss Smile | Excel Tips

Doesn’t it feel great to get that approval from your boss that everyone around you is striving for? Of course, it does. After reading this article, that dream is going to come true really soon. In today’s tutorial, we going to learn top5 Excel Chart Hacks to make your chart sexy.   Here are some...
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Macro to convert Excel to PDF file

Looking to convert Excel to PDF File? Don’t worry we offer you the best practice to create PDF Files from Excel using VBA Macro. Which of these tasks is part of your daily work life? To Convert Excel to PDF Sending PDF attachments via email How to Convert Excel to PDF File Using VBA Micro...
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Create a report in excel for sales data analysis using Pivot Table Techniques

Create a report in excel for sales data analysis is an important aspect of any business. Unless you are able to measure and analyze data, how can you improve your performance? It’s true that improving performance is a whole new story, but unless your data measurement isn’t accurate, you can never hope to reach the...
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Add sizzle to your presentation with PowerPoint special effects

People ask me often – “Where did you learn all the PowerPoint special effects from?” I answer – “Investor Relations!” I frequently visit “Investor Relations” section of numerous companies. They contain Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, and Investor Presentations, etc. I am always keen to go through their “Investor Presentations” reports. A few of them use...
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Top 3 Ninja level charts for EVERY business…PowerPoint Tips

If my friends ask me my top three picks of the best charts that I use frequently, I will share these: Waterfall 2-axis Stacked Combo Thermometer Waterfall charts have few advantages: A: It can depict sequence in which an activity must be construed. Watch this chart as used in one of the presentations (publicly available)...
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Power BI Architecture | Power BI Security

Microsoft Power BI is a self-service analytics tool. It is responsible for covering various topics of analytics such as data analysis, performing ETL, preparing datasets, modeling the data, report building, visualizations of the reports, and much more. To learn Power BI and deep dive into the possibilities, it is essential to learn its Architecture. This...
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Create a Dependent Combobox in Excel and VBA

In this blog, we will discuss how to create a Combobox in Excel and as well as through VBA. List box & a Combobox is similar but have slightly different controls, to let users make multiple choices of items or to enter their own value in a list. Typical examples of items in these types...
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