December 2, 2019

Use Excel’s Right Function With ‘M’ To Extract Left Side Data

If you want to use the Excel LEFT Function in Power Query, then you can’t directly go for it. This is because the Excel LEFT Function is not supported in M. To get in-depth knowledge related to Power Query and its functionality then Check Our Latest Power Query Course with 24×7 online support and lifetime...
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Get The Length Of Strings Using ‘M’ in Power Query

Get the Text Length using Power Query M. If we want to use the Excel LEN function to get the length of strings, it is not supported in M. Let us see how to use the LEN Function in M to get the length of strings. Get Text Length Using ‘M’ Power Query Step 1:...
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5 Steps to Concatenate Data using ‘M’ in Power Query

How to use power query concatenate function? There are times when we want to perform such tasks that are not built in the user interface i.e. features that are not available on the ribbon. But still, this can be possible with Power Query’s programming language which is called M language. Power Query Concatenate Data/Text using...
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Best Ways to Add Column From Examples in Power Query

Sometimes we need to transform the text from a huge data table which is not directly possible. But, with Power Query, you can easily do it using Add Column from Examples feature. If you want to learn more tips & tricks then you can check our high rated Power Query Course. This training provides excellent...
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Best Ways to Import Data From XML in Power Query

You can easily load the data files like Excel spreadsheets in Power Query. But what if your data source is not in Excel spreadsheet? For that, you have to follow these following steps, suggested by our Power Query Training Experts. Each step is well explained with image visualization. Import Data From XML Using Power Query...
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