December 1, 2019

Split First & Last Name Using Power Query

Sometimes, when you have a data table which includes full names of candidates in one column and you want to separate the full name into first name and surname in different columns. Split First & Last Name With Power Query This is a common task, but most people may use complex formulas to perform this...
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Learn How to Replace Values in Power Query

There is a cool feature of Power Query which is known as ‘Replace Values’ feature. As the name suggests, it can replace any value with the new value you provide into your data table. You may go through step by step procedure where our Power Query Training expert has explained the topics in a detailed manner with...
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Power Query Helps In Transposing Data

Transposing a data set is ultimately rotating data from rows to columns, or from columns to rows. To understand this concept, an example with the picture is given below. Transposing Data By Power Query Let’s go through the steps in detail for transposing data. Step 1: Open the data in Power Query Open the data...
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Alteryx Hotkeys – Alteryx Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 50+ Alteryx Shortcuts for Windows. Alteryx is popularly known as a Self-Service Analytics tool. Business users can build their data workflows in Alteryx by quickly blending and preparing the data without any programming skills. As it is used so extensively it is very handy to know Alteryx Shortcuts. Dive into the following Alteryx Shortcuts...
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How to Group Numbers, Dates & Text in Pivot table in Excel

Now will talk about the Grouping Data features of the pivot table. This technique of grouping numbers, dates and text are not similar to a grouping of data by using data tab. This is something different. I am assuming that you must be knowing how to create pivot table in excel if you are not aware...
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