July 26, 2019

Excel VBA Tutorial | What is VBA Macros in Microsoft Excel ?

Excel VBA Tutorial provides an integrated toolset that is appealing to a huge number of application areas. To make this tool, even more powerful, came to the rescue Excel VBA Macros, VBA Course or VBA Excel Functions Examples. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, and it is a fully fledged programming language developed by...
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Improve Office Productivity with Online Courses

One of the most favourite games in corporate drawing rooms is the Blame Game- “My employees are less productive!”, “She has got enough time to learn, I am too busy with this and that” and so on. Stop playing the blame game and accept the fact that your employees are what you have. If you...
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Add APA Page number in MS Word with 3 Easy Steps

How to add APA Page numbers in MS Word? While writing documents or preparing a project report, it becomes mandatory to serialize all pages. MS Word has the option to give a serial number to the pages. The page numbers can be in the header or footer of the page with alignment options and style....
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4 Super Productive Google Calendar Hacks

If you are using a Calendar app to simply check out dates, set holiday reminders or add events to it, you are probably using your Smartphone simply to make and receive calls. In other words, you are missing out on a huge potential that these Calendar apps have to offer. Here we offer you some...
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All About Access Office 2016 & Skype for Business

Microsoft Access Office 2016 Microsoft has launched Office 2016. Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team said, “We’ve been in private preview with Access Office 2016 for several months. To be clear, this early build doesn’t yet contain all the features we’re planning to ship in the final product”....
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Skills and Tools Required to Train the Trainer in Excel

Author: Rishabh Pugalia I started my entrepreneurial journey by becoming an MS Excel Trainer. And this was after I spent years working with KPMG (Assurance), Futures First (Interest Rate Futures – Proprietary Trading) and J.P. Morgan (Debt Capital Markets). In the last five years as an Excel Trainer, many of my workshop participants have asked...
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Create Financial Models For Business

Create Financial Models in Excel I recently met a couple of professionals who are fresh graduates and working in the financial services sector. Since I was part of an investment team with a private equity fund where I have experience in creating investment memos and building the financial model from scratch. These guys asked me...
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Microsoft Excel Go To Data Cleaning Trick

Data Cleaning Trick It is so easy to work on your own spreadsheet rather than working with Excel files made by someone else. Significant time is wasted in (1) cleaning or “sanitising” the data, and (2) establishing inter-sheet and intra-sheet formula connections. This process of Data Cleaning becomes super important if you are working in...
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Realign your data by sorting in Excel

Realigning 100s of columns without manually Cut/insert columns. Thereby, reducing the task time by minimum 90%. Thus sorting in excel is an important weapon in your hand. Realign your data by sorting in Excel Watch this video for a hassle-free column realignment and sorting in excel: I hope you have liked our tip on Realign your...
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