July 21, 2019

Insert Non-Breaking Space & more Word Tricks | Microsoft Word Tips

This video is a collection of word tricks on Insert Non-Breaking Space & more, where you can use quick parts to save frequently used text or retrieve an older copied text. We also cover a hidden shortcut which helps you create a non-breaking space. Quick Parts: In MS Word, Quick Parts is used as a...
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Learn Clipboard and 2 more special Table tricks in Microsoft Word

This tutorial helps you to uncover the hidden importance of Clipboard and how you can use various instances of copy + paste. We also work around table (one of the most hated areas in word) Checkout our Microsoft Word Online Tutorial Course. Click Here (In this Course, you will learn Basic To Advanced MS Word...
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Email To-Do list to Team members in One Click using Excel VBA

In this blog, we will discuss how to email To-Do list from your outlook mail to respective team members. You would have sent email from outlook but probably not using Excel VBA Code. For example, you have a To-Do list in your excel file with tasks assigned to each team member and you need to send...
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