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February 28, 2019

Read How to Remove Rows With Errors Using Power Query

Do you know that Power Query can clean your data and remove rows that have inaccurate data? If you are not aware of this feature then go through the below steps. Remove Rows With Errors By Power Query Let’s take an example. As shown in below picture there is some revenue that has invalid values....
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Learn How to Split Queries In Power Query

As explained in the above example, we have generated a conditional column for the given query. If we want to split this query into two, Power Query will help us in doing so. How to Split Queries In Power Query The user will be able to mark a set of consequent steps, starting at the...
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Learn How to Create Index Column Using Power Query

There is one more interesting feature of Power Query where it lets you add an index column that serves as a row counter to your data. Power Query Helps To Create Index Column Let’s go through the steps in detail with an example. Our sample data consists of Months and revenue data as shown in the...
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Read How to Remove Duplicates Using Power Query

Power Query cannot only keep duplicate records but also can remove the duplicate data. The advantage of this feature is that it removes the human error whenever you try to delete your duplicate data manually. Remove Duplicates by Power Query Suppose you have this set of data. As you can see the marked ones are...
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Acquire Knowledge to Fill Down Values Using Power Query

Power Query helps you to perform a series of steps to transform your data. Among which there is a step that allows you to fill data down easily. This feature is specially used to fill the missing data where predictions are available for the missing data. Power Query Helps To Fill Down Values Let’s suppose...
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Steps to Remove Columns Using Power Query

Another feature of Power Query is Remove Columns. This feature allows you to remove the unwanted columns easily. Learn Steps to Remove Columns By Power Query This is helpful when you have columns that you want to eradicate and do not need in your final report – but do want to keep in your source...
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