February 11, 2019

How to use Clean Function in Excel

The CLEAN Function in Excel takes a text string and returns a text that has been “cleaned” of line breaks and other non-printable characters. What is a CLEAN Function? What is the syntax for CLEAN Function? How to use CLEAN Function? And finally, What are the applications of CLEAN Function? ➡ What is Clean Function in...
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How to use the Excel Choose Function

The CHOOSE Function in Excel returns a value from a list using a given position or index. The values provided to CHOOSE can include references. Let’s have a look below to get more details about CHOOSE Function. ➡ What is Excel Choose Function? CHOOSE Function is a function in Excel that helps you to get...
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How to use the Excel Code Function

The CODE Function in Excel returns a numeric code for a given character. The CODE Function can be used to understand numeric codes given to the CHAR Function as it is the reverse process of CHAR Function. ➡ What is Code Function in Excel? The Function that accepts one argument, for the text for which you...
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How to use the Excel Column Function

The COLUMN function in Excel returns the column number for a reference. In other words, Column Function too will return the column number of the cell which contains formula when reference is not provided. ➡ What is Column Function in Excel? The function which will returns column number for a reference is called Excel COLUMN Function....
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