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Excel Shortcuts List

249+ MS Excel Shortcuts Keys in PDF | Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

MS Excel Shortcuts Keys, when starting with Microsoft Excel, knowing a few ms excel shortcuts keys will reduce your work time and make it easier to work on Excel. Using the mouse to do all the task reduces your productivity. Here are the most used Excel shortcuts to use when you just begin working with […]

How to Find Duplicate Values in Excel

You can Find duplicate values in Excel by reading this blog. An Excel sheet is a great way of packing lots of data into a dense area. But, these documents will become unmanageable and unwieldy when they’re in use for a long period of time. This example teaches you how to find duplicates in Excel. […]

How to Lock Formulas in Excel?

How to Lock Formulas in Excel? Protect formula in Excel? Confused? Here is the blog to know how to lock excel formulas. Imagine Your boss wants you to protect a workbook, but she also wants to be able to change a few cells after you are done. So, before you password protected the workbook (or […]


Remove Password from Excel or Unprotected Excel

How to remove password from excel spreadsheet or Unprotect Excel Spreadsheet without using any software or Password Remover. So what it includes? This includes changing the file extension and manipulating its constituents to get an unprotected excel file or unlock an excel file. Almost ALL Excel users wish at some point or the other felt the […]

disable scroll lock

Turn ON or Turn OFF Scroll Lock in Excel

Imagine your report is due in an hour. You are working along in Excel, everything is going well, but suddenly you notice that you can no longer move around properly in your spreadsheet. You press the arrow keys, but instead of the cursor moving to another cell, the entire worksheet seems to be moving. So, […]

split cells in excel

How to Split Cells In Excel

Merging and splitting cells in Microsoft Excel is very similar. Below are the steps required for merging and splitting cells in each of these programs. These steps help you with How to Split Cells in Excel. Follow the step by step process and split excel cells into multiple cells. This tutorial will help you to […]

Strikethrough in Excel

Strikethrough in Excel & Word | Strikethrough Shortcut

Strikethrough in Excel & Word helps to delete it (Strikethrough Shortcut in Excel). An example sometimes, while creating a document we don’t need a few texts we can just delete it. But when we want to show the unwanted text we used the Strikethrough text option. This option will let the text remain where it […]

After checked on Show Formulas In Cells Instead Of Their Calculated Results we can see that Show Formulas is also activated from the Formula tab

How to Display/Show Formulas in Excel

If you are working on an Excel worksheet with a lot of formulas in it, it may become difficult to follow and keep track of all your formulas. Excel provides a simple way of displaying formulas in the cells instead of the result. This Excel Trick will help you to Display/Show Formulas in Excel without any […]

Excel Formula PDF

Excel Formulas & Functions in PDF List

Excel Formulas PDF and Functions: What do you Understand by the Advanced Excel Formulas and Basic Excel Functions? This Blog will give you the Excel formulas PDF/list of the Key Functions of Excel. Excel Formulas PDF is a list of most useful or extensively used excel formulas in day to day working life with Excel. These formulas, we […]

tableau aggregate functions

Tableau Aggregate Functions

Tableau is a top-rated Data Visualization tool. Tableau is a self-service BI and analytics tool, capable of building compelling visualizations. Being a BI and analytics tool, it is sometimes necessary to perform some actions on data to bring it in an accessible format. Tableau has a specific set of functions to change the data in […]


How to delete rows in excel based on a condition?

In this blog, I will discuss how to delete rows in excel based on the condition. Sometimes we get the data set from another person and the need to do a lot of work to clean this data set. You need to delete a certain section of data that is not relevant or there are innumerable blank cells, […]

Tableau data sources

Tableau Data Sources

A Data Source is a connection to a database or a place where the data is generally stored. Users are able to create workbooks that point to a data source. The data source can be extracted or shared on Tableau Server generally. Let us first lean into understanding different connection types of Tableau data sources […]

KNIME Interview Questions & Answers

KNIME Interview Questions & Answers for Beginners

While facing the KNIME interview, the following interview questions and answers will help you to revise the basics but important facts about KNIME. Do not forget to revise the following KNIME interview questions and answers before facing one. KNIME Interview Questions & Answers for Beginners 1) Why is KNIME used? KNIME provides a GUI to […]

tableau data types

Tableau Data Types | Different Data Types In Tableau

Tableau Data Types gives us information about the kind of data stored in the data source. There can be a text value, data value, time value, Boolean value, etc. Tableau supports Data Types such as Boolean, String, Date & Date time, and Number. Let’s discuss each of them, along with is a symbol. Before going […]

Business Analytics Tools

7 BEST Business Analytics Tools You Must Learn

Data Analytics is the heart of any modern business today, and therefore the tools are too essential. The market is flush with the wide variety of Business analytics tools. Business Analytics tools are the ones that help you to perform data analytics with ease. Some might give you impeccable visuals building capability, or some might […]


Copy Text from PDF without Line Breaks & More Word Tricks

How to copy text from pdf without broken lines? We have been working on Excel, VBA & Powerpoint tutorial, and felt the need for exploring Word Tricks to enhance productivity and save a ton of time of professionals who use MS Word for multiple purposes like writing an idea, designing template, making a professional report […]

Undo Shortcut Key

Undo – Redo Shortcuts Keys in Excel

Undo, Redo shortcut keys for MAC & Windows and other foremost needed Functions: Easy and Essential keyboard shortcut functions of Excel you’ve been looking for. There is a list of essential Excel Shortcuts which will help you get in your Comfort Zone.  If you spend a lot of time in Excel then you must know about […]

unprotect excel

Unprotect Excel | Excel Password Remover Online

Open password-protected the file from this simple excel tips & tricks. Learn how to unprotect excel or remove password from excel. Let me warn you upfront – THE MOMENT you learn applying this trick on How to Unprotect Excel, you’ll JUMP in ecstasy. If you are ready, then read on. Almost ALL Excel users wish at […]


How to protect cells and hide formula in excel ?

Investment banker protects the excel file by password and hide formula also hide formula in google spreadsheet, but anyone having access to the file can easily access the formulas used in the cell by having a cursor on the cell. As part of our continued Excel Training series,  you will learn how to protect cells […]


Error in excel when you Insert Column or Row in Excel (Solved)

Are you fed up with the Errors in Excel while entering a row or column? Then you have come to the right place. Error in excel when you Insert Column or Row in Excel (Solved) Problem: When you try to insert rows or columns into a Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher version worksheet, you may […]