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XLTools Essentials Add-in for Excel

XLTools Essentials includes 15 features for faster and smarter work in Excel. Entering dates, removing extra spaces, organizing workbooks, combining data, merging cells and other similarly simple tasks tend to become mindless tedious routines. With XLTools, you save time and get the job done in just a few clicks.

XLTools Essentials for Excel Productivity

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The XLTools Essentials is the time savior tool, this version of the tool targets to increase productivity. The tool comes up with the 15 main interesting features. These features are Popup Calendar, Workbook organizer, Split table, count by color etc. Pop up Calendar feature, helps you to pick up any date from the calendar, and the popup calendar will track in the absolute correct format. Now easily navigate and manage multiple workbooks at just the click of the mouse with the help of the Workbook Organizer. Splittable helps you to split a report into sub-reports by key column value or split a long list by a fixed number of rows.

The essentials version of the tool comes up with Online Support, one year of free upgrades and complete money back guarantee in 30 days if you don’t like it.

Ease to Use90%
Ease to Install100%
Value for Money90%
Tab View
Popup Calendar
Split Table to Sheet




XLTools Essentials Add-in for Excel Offers

If you’re not satisfied then let us know in the first 30 days and get a complete refund.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked

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Here’s what you’ll get with Excel Tool

Popup Calendar

Entering a date in a cell is no more a problematic task. With the introduction of Pop up Calendar feature, you get to pick up any date from the calendar, and the popup calendar will track in the absolute correct format. It displays the week numbers, days of the week added the current date.

Workbook Organizer

If you wish to add, delete, rename, sort, filter, copy, hide, unhide, protect, unprotect, save as separate files, etc. You can do it in one go. Easily navigate and manage multiple workbooks at the click of the mouse.

Popup Clock

Popup clock is the effortless feature which instantly simplifies the complexity of the work by adding time values in MS Excel. With this, you get to select and set any time format and you accomplish how to insert time or how to insert date along with the time into the cells and ranges.

Combine Data

With XLToolss you will be able to merge cells without losing your data! Combine data in adjacent cells by columns, by rows or into a single cell, with any separator – and if necessary merge these cells in the same way.
Now merging cells without losing your data can be done easily. This feature combines data in adjacent cells by columns and by rows into a single cell with the use of any separator – and if necessary merge these cells

Unpivot Table

Unpivot table will undo the pivot and transform the 2D tables and complex crosstab tables having multilevel headers to a plain, flat list quickly and accurately. Also, it brings in the added advantage of operations on your data, e.g. PivotTable generation, charting and filtering, etc.

Data Cleaning

If you’ve imported or pasted any data to Excel and want to clean it. Then bulk cleaning is possible and easy now. Click on the data cleaning option which is going to remove all the extra spaces and the non-printing characters, it will change the text case and converts the cell formats from numbers to text and vice versa.

Fill Blanks

At times, when there are gaps in the table it complicates the calculations and analysis. Fill Blanks is the feature, which will instantly populate the blank cells. You can choose to fill blanks with values of the nearest cells: downwards, upwards, rightwards or leftwards.

Combine Sheets

In the blink of an eye, the add-in click will copy data from multiple worksheets across different workbooks into one master worksheet. Now you’ll get to easily combine the data from sheets with the same name and merge similar tables under a single header.

Split Table

In case you want to split an entire table or a range into multiple worksheets the Split Table is the fastest solution to do it. Now you do not have to think before breaking down a report, break down a report into sub-reports by key column value, or split a long list by a fixed number of rows.

Export to CSV

Dealing with a lot of data export and have been really occupied with it then Export to CSV is going to help you. Convert the Excel data into plain text CSV with exhaustion. Simply export to CSV proceeds without closing the original Excel file or changing its format.

Sheet Switcher

If you’ve been struggling a lot with working on Excel Workbooks and you think of switching back and forth in between the most recent worksheets, then the Sheet Switcher by XLTools is the equivalent of Alt+Tab for Windows – now see the navigation getting quicker and comfortable!

Disable F1/F9

Accidentally hitting on F1 (Excel Help) or F9 (Calculate All) keys now, will not slow you down. This will disable F1/F9 keys for all Excel spreadsheets in a second – without even the need of a macro.

Repeat Selection

Now shading of alternate rows, or every other column, and in a checkerboard or other pattern is done in seconds! All you got to do is select the pattern once and apply it to the whole range. Holding ‘Ctrl’ and handpicking cells to make a recurrent selection is nowhere needed.

Count by Color

The add-in feature helps to instantly aggregate values in a selected range based on the cell’s background color, font color or conditional formatting color. Now you can quickly calculate and compare COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX results for each color.

Match Columns

This tool is going help you when you wish to make a general comparison of columns, instead of values cell-by-cell. Match column helps you to find, how much the columns are similar – to get the exact match percentage of columns compared with each other or against your benchmark values.



Online Help

Get assistance at one go i.e. as promptly as possible. XLToolss Guru improves with your questions.

This Tool is for you if...

  • You use ERP downloaded Excel files as a base to generate custom MIS reports
  • You want to reduce your TAT significantly (turnaround time)
  • You want to prepare Financial Models with combo-logical statements
  • You prepare Management Reporting dashboards
  • You are involved in Performing CAAT & Forensic Audit techniques
  • If you want to use the important features that is the Popup Calendar, Workbook organizer, Split table, count by color etc. 
  • If you want on the spot and reliable results then XLTools Essentials is for you.
  • If you want to copy many worksheets at a time or save as separate files, manage and organize multiple workbooks and worksheets then you should take this tool.

This TOOL is not for you if...

  • You use Excel rarely like if you’re in sales field all the time or work as a salesman or cashier facing the consumer [I love you guys, but this model will not help you]
  • You have a personal assistant who is an Excel expert and can do all the number crunching for you [May be, this course will be helpful to your assistant]
  • Anyone who wants to instant results just because they have joined without taking any real action or practicing the working files
  • You think you can use the XLTools license for multiple computers then you’re wrong. And you don’t need to take this tool.
  • You’re a Mac user and you do not use office on Windows, you don’t need to take this course. 

Watch XLTools in Action

Other XLTools User Testimonials

I have been using Excel for many years and on the constant lookout for add-ins to help with my workflow and productivity. I work with data and databases quite a lot, and use applications to help me find and filter data. The SQL Queries and custom Automation features alone save me hours in my day to day activities. If you have repetitive tasks or need an element of database querying in Excel then this add-in is for you. XLTools team is very supportive and respond to questions very quickly.


The reason I started using XLTools was the Calendar feature. I work mostly with Excel tables where I need to input a lot of data for travel, personnel issues and treasury management. Entering manually all those dates and having to format the cells every time became really an issue for me. So I started looking for a solution. I tried few other options, but when I found XLTools it really did everything I wanted the way I wanted. Another useful feature I use a lot is the Sheet Switcher since normally my Excel files contain many sheets and I find it really easy to navigate this way. Thank you very much again for your kind assistance and time spared for the prompt support. Wish you all the best.


SQL Queries is a must-have tool. Can’t thank you enough! 30000 items, 15 warehouses – and it takes only 4 seconds!! to select and sort items available in storage, and generate a complete table. This is FANTASTIC for Excel!!! Tech support is great above all, thank you!



Every day XLTools helps hundreds of professionals in IT, accounting, finance, engineering, data analysis, business consulting, research, etc. We are proud to have customers all over the world.

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XLTools Essentials Add-in for Excel

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    Split Table
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    Data Cleaning
    Count by color, and more
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  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
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Frequently Ask Questions

I have purchased XLTools. Where do I download and get my license?

Right after the purchase you should have received a confirmation email with your license key. Please check your spam folder, or contact us if you did not receive the email.

1. Install XLTools:

  •  If you have XLTools add-in installed, e.g. to take a free trial, you do not need to install it again. Simply activate your license – Step
  • If you do not have it installed yet, please download and install XLTools. See the detailed Installation Guide.

2. Activate your license:

  •  Copy the license key delivered to you by email > Open Excel > XLTools tab > Click on the ‘License’ button > Paste your license key > Apply. See the detailed License Activation Guide.

I have misplaced my license key. Can it be restored?

Of course! Please send us an message from the email address you used to purchase XLTools license. This way we can track your order and send you your license key.

Does XLTools work on a Mac?

XLTools add-in is only compatible with Office for Windows. We do not have plans to develop a version for Mac. However, you can run XLTools if you have a Windows virtual machine on your Mac.

You may be interested in our online Office Add-ins. Their functionality is similar to the desktop version. Office add-ins work in Excel for iPad and Excel for Mac.

What are the system requirements for XLTools add-in?

Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, as well as desktop version of Office 365.
Supported on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP1.

You should have administrator rights to install the add-in.

How do I download and install XLTools add-in?

Close all Excel files > Download XLTools for your Excel version > Save the file > Run the file as administrator.

How do I uninstall XLTools from my PC?

You can uninstall XLTools like any other program: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features > Select ‘XLTools Add-in for Microsoft Excel’ > Uninstall.

How can I reinstall XLTools?

1. Uninstall: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features > Select ‘XLTools Add-in for Microsoft Excel’ > Uninstall.

2. Install again: Download the latest version > Save the EXE file > Run the file as administrator.

3. Activate the license: If you have a license, it will activate automatically. If it doesn’t, please activate manually: Find your license key (it was emailed to you after the purchase) > Open Excel > XLTools tab > Click the ‘License’ button > Paste your license key > Apply.