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51 Amazing Power Query Tips & Tricks | Power Query Tutorial

Learn Power Query Tips and Tricks. Power Query is one of the most powerful features in Power BI and the easiest to learn. It is used for cleaning & transforming the data downloaded from ERP or accounting systems and display it in a report for Power BI to work with. You can learn more tips...
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How to Wrap Text in Excel Automatically and Manually

Wrap Text is the most known function of excel. There are times when there is difficulty to adjust long texts within an excel cell. When you’ve much text piled up and it should be present in the spreadsheets. Or if you have failed to fit your text in an Excel Cell. Excel Wrap Text option...
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How to use Excel? Excel basics for beginners

In this blog, we will learn Excel basics guide for beginners, Learning Excel basics are just a start to what’s in store to solve a lot of our daily problem and save time. Microsoft Office is very useful for a wide range of applications. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming...
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