Insert or Type degree symbol in Excel with Autocorrect Feature

How to use the Autocorrect Feature to Insert or Type degree symbol in Excel?

 Well, this one is Enthralling and my all-time favorite. Using autocorrect Feature in Excel to type degree symbol. This enables you in assigning a Code to the Degree Symbol. Well, let’s consider ABEFIJ. If ever you’ll insert or type ABEFIJ in a cell in Excel, you’ll observe these letters will automatically convert into the degree in Excel.

Steps to  autocorrect insert/type the degree symbol in Excel:

  • Go to File –> Go to OptionsGo to File , Options for reference style
  • When the Options dialogue box pops up, select Proofing from that –> Select the Autocorrect Options Click-on-Proofing-AutoCorrect-Options

While you’re in the Autocorrect dialogue box, you must enter:

  • Replace the letters: ABEFIJ
  • With the Option: ° (you can easily obtain the degree symbol if you use the shortcut ALT 0176, or if you can copy paste the same from a cell)
  • Click on Add and then OK

That is all. Henceforth, whenever you’ll be typing the text ABEFIJ. This will be automatically getting converted into the degree symbol and you’ll be getting the degree symbol.

Replace with, Click add, click ok


This case is sensitive. In case, while you’re learning ‘how to type degree symbol on laptop’ and in the meanwhile, you enter abefij, this won’t be getting converted into the degree symbol. You’ll compulsorily need to enter the text ABEFIJ. In case, if you wanted the text to appear in Lowercase then use the text ‘abefij’ instead in the Autocorrect dialog box.

The same change can be applied to other Microsoft Applications. These could be (Word, PowerPoint etc.). You have to be cautious while you make a selection of the Keywords. If there are higher uses different keywords in any other Application then the smart way to do is to select it wisely.

So, this was the method you used to type/insert the degree symbol in Excel.

While you learn how to insert degree symbol in Excel or how to type degree symbol in Mac. Know that this is just a specific symbol used often. Sometimes, we might use it only for a specific category of data, for an example: To measure the temperature.

Thing to remember: While you put a degree symbol in a cell, you must remember that the degree symbol in Excel follows the number with no need to take care of the fact that, it always follows the number with no interceding space.

One very important thing is that these methods are same whether you’re doing it in Excel or Mac.

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