CHAR Formula to Insert or Type degree symbol in Excel

How to use the CHAR Formula to Insert or Type degree symbol in Excel?

You can even call this one as learning, how to type degree symbol on a laptop without the number pad.

By using =CHAR(176) to obtain the Degree symbol in a cell in Excel. For doing this, you must: Input or Enter =CHAR(176) into a cell and then Press Enter. This is the CHAR Formula to Insert or Type degree symbol in Excel.

Once you’ve done this you’ll get degree symbol as the result. Another Formula can be used along with the other Text Strings or the Formulas for adding the degree symbol into it. Let’s Consider an Example for an instance: You wish to discover 55° in a cell. So here, you must enter the formula as: =55&CHAR(176)

CHAR formula to type degree symbol

You can also use this formula with other text strings or formulas to add the degree symbol to it.

Correspondingly, this can be combined with a cell reference. Like, if you consider the situation where Cell A1 has the value 55°, you can use the formula =A1&CHAR(176). After you have done this you’ll clearly obtain the result as 55°.

Add degree symbol to number.

So, this was the method you used to type/insert the degree symbol in Excel.

While you learn how to insert degree symbol in Excel or how to type degree symbol in Mac. Know that this is just a specific symbol used often. Sometimes,, we might use it only for a specific category of data, for an example: To measure the temperature.

One very important thing is that these methods are same whether you’re doing it in Excel or Mac.

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