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Learn About COUNTIFS() formula




Advanced Excel Tutorial

Online Advanced Excel Tutorials to make you a NINJA at work. Learn Everything in Excel from building Excel Models to creating Dynamic Dashboards


For Next Loop in Excel



Child Object Excel VBA Tutorial


Excel VBA Tutorial

If you want to be a master in Excel VBA Programming language for Excel 2007, then our Excel VBA macros tutorials will make it easier for you to access it in Microsoft office application.


Magnifier Glass Effect in



Adding POP-Up Effect to


Online PowerPoint Tutorial

Discover how to create PowerPoint Slides like An Investment Banker or a Consultant in PPT

Excel Dashboard Tutorial

From Basic to Advanced Learn to create 4 types of dashboards from scratch with 100+ techniques

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There are Excel Formulas that you should know. A large portion of the employment nowadays requires progressed Excel abilities We have the Advanced Excel Course exceptionally intended to make you a specialist at Excel.

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  3. PowerPoint Shortcuts eBook
  4. How to write the Bain & Co. style

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  • 150+ Excel Shortcuts For Mac & Windows
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  • To Write efficient email Subject Lines Tips & Tricks
  • Hidden tricks and handpicked shortcuts for PowerPoint users.
  • Word Shortcuts included inside
  • How to write an email with Catchy open rates. Best Efficient email guidelines which should be followed by every Email user
  • To Improve business writing skills with Bain & Co.’s writing style.

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Download MS Excel eBook

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Excel Ninja Shortcut New Book

How to write the bain & co. style

Outlook Shortcut Book

PowerPoint Shortcuts eBook

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