Tableau Training and Certification

In this Tableau online course, you will learn to tailor your analytical and visualization skills. You will learn to apply Groups and Sets to increase your work efficiency 10x. You will learn everything about Table Calculations to power your analysis and much more. This course will help you to prepare for the Tableau certification program with ease so that you can get the best jobs in top MNCs (Amazon, Walmart, Accenture, and more).


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Introduction to Tableau

Tableau is one of the best data visualization software in the market and 7 years in a row as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. You can enjoy real-time data analytics by directly connecting your data to Tableau from the data warehouse.

Data Visualization is a powerful aspect of business analytics. It helps to detect patterns, trends, and outliers in groups of data. Good data visualization is an art of presenting the data in a manner that even a non-analyst can understand it. It places meaning into complicated datasets so that their message is clear and concise. Therefore, business managers at all levels embrace data visualization softwares that allow them to analyze trends visually and take quick decisions.

Tableau Training and Certification Compu

Career Path

Data Analyst / Financial Analyst


Entry Level (0-3 years) US$ $50k-75k
Mid-level (3-5 years) US$ $65k-114k

Talent Gap

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts a need by 2019 for 181,000 people with deep analytical skills,

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WHAT IS TABLEAU Training & Certification

Know more about Tableau course

This Tableau course is designed for both needs – Personally and professionally. This course follows a Project-Based Learning approach in which we will learn and implement important Tableau concepts and techniques.

Tableau offers excellent tools and functionalities, including table calculations that make everyday life easier for both, data analyst and data scientist. One strong point of the software is its responsiveness.

Using real open-source data from different domains like Sales and Finance, you will become technically fluent in using Tableau.

This Tableau online course is divided into four parts:

  1. Introduction: In this module, we will get familiarize with Tableau structure, its interface, comparison of Tableau with other tools, Tableau products and will understand the concept of visualization.
  2. Connecting to and Preparing Data: In this module, we will be creating and saving data connections, modifying data connections and analyze data properties in Tableau.
  3. Exploring and Analyzing Data: In this module, we will be creating different data visualization with the help of various charts. We will organize and modify our data and learn to create calculations using table calculations and calculated fields.
  4. Sharing insights and performance in Tableau: In this module, we will formatting worksheets, dashboards and will be putting our entire learning into practice by working on a business case study.

This Tableau online course is designed in such a way to give a solid foundation in Tableau without leaving you guys with knowledge gaps.

What you’ll learn in Tableau Course?

  • Preparing and Processing data
  • Coding and visualizing the data
  • Working with different file formats
  • Understand complex business problems
  • Methods to apply statistical and visualizing skills
  • Dashboard Functionalities like Actions, Navigation, and Parameters
  • Different chart types (Check Course Outline)
  • Tableau Essentials – Dashboards and Stories, Calculated Fields, Table Calculations, Grouping & Sets, LOD, and much more…