Python for Finance Course

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In this Python for Finance course, you will learn to use Python programming and execute real-world financial tasks. At the end, you will be able to implement your own machine learning models to make predictions on financial data.

Python for Finance Course

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Why Python for Finance

From risk management to cryptocurrencies, Python has become one of the most popular programming language in fintech.

Its simplicity, scalability, and robust frameworks make it an excellent tool for researchers, analysts, and traders.

According to the HackerRank 2019 Developer Skills Report, Python is among the top 3 most popular languages in financial services. Python appears to be one of the most wanted languages in the banking, insurance, and data analysis industries.

Python for Finance Compu

Here are some of the challenges that Python can help in addressing:

  • Technology costs in the finance industry
  • Technology as an enabler for new business and innovation
  • Technology and talent as barriers to entry in the finance industry
  • Increasing speeds, frequencies, and data volumes
  • Real-time analytics

Python has been used in companies like Stripe, Robinhood, Zopa with success.

WHAT IS Python for Finance Course?

As the demand for data is growing, a lot of domains are centering their operations around data. The finance industry is the most influenced by data, giving rise to a whole new FinTech industry where technology meets Finance.

Python for Finance aims to keep you at the top of this emerging trend by teaching you how to use Python programming to perform your financial tasks. At the end of this Python to Finance Course, you will be able to implement your machine learning models to make predictions on financial data.

This course will guide you through everything you need to know about Python for Finance. We’ll start the journey with the fundamentals of Python. We then proceed to learn about the core libraries used in the Py-Finance domain, including Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and much more!

We’ll cover the following topics that are used by many finance professionals in their day-to-day:

  • Python – Data Types, Functions, Conditions and Loops
  • Numpy – Python Libraries, Arrays, Indexing, and Operations
  • Pandas – Series, Data Frame, Moving Average
  • Matplotib – Types of Plots, Seaborn
  • Scikit Learn – Prediction Models, Regression

Teaching Methods:

  • Video explanation of each concept
  • Code examples where we will write code and explain its working
  • Financial coding assignments to check your progress
  • 2 Finance Projects to ensure you have mastered the skills taught in the course

Who this Course is for

  • Anyone who wants to learn about coding in finance
  • Anyone from a financial background
  • Anyone who wants to get started with coding
  • Anyone who wants to learn about finance coding tools
  • Anyone who deals with a lot of data
  • Excel users who want to learn about coding
  • Upgrading your skills to enhance your profile


Python basics Course

Python Basics

  • Python is a powerful and very easy programming language
  • It is used to develop web applications, creating software, and so on
  • Python has simple easy-to-use syntax
  • We will get familiar with Data Types, Functions, Conditions, and Loops


  • Pandas is a fast, powerful, flexible and easy
  • It is an open source data analysis and manipulation tool
  • It is built on top of the Python programming language
  • We will learn about Series, DataFrame, and Moving Average
matplotlib - Python Course


  • Matplotlib is a plotting library for the Python programming language
  • It is a comprehensive library for creating interactive visualizations in Python
  • We will create plots in Python and learn about Seaborn

Risk Analysis

  • It is the process of identifying and analyzing issues that impact key business projects
  • We will learn about data processing and prediction
  • Project: Risk Analysis of Credit Card Defaulter

What will you learn

✓ Basics of Python programming
✓ Use of Numpy for arrays and statistics
✓ Pandas for data handling and preprocessing
✓ Matplotlib to create beautiful visualizations of your data
✓ Prediction on your data using Scikit-learn
✓ Implementing whatever you have learned in 2 Finance Projects
✓ Where is Python used in the Finance Industry


✓ None! Anyone and everyone can get started with this course
✓ No prior knowledge of coding or finance is necessary as we will be learning about
✓ everything from scratch
✓ Although having any coding of finance background can definitely help during the course


Python for Finance Course Preview Videos

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Course Preview Video

Course Preview Video

Course Preview Video

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Giovanna Bucci
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What you will get in this Python for Finance Course?
  • Section 01: Introduction
  • Course Introduction
  • Why Python for Finance
  • Why Spyder for Python
  • Environment Setup
  • Section 02: Python Basics
  • Python Introduction
  • Data Types
  • Functions
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Python Assignment
  • Assignment Solution
  • Section 03: Numpy Functions
  • What is Numpy
  • How to Install Python Libraries
  • Arrays
  • Indexing & Operations
  • Numpy Assignment
  • Section 04: Pandas Data Handling
  • Pandas Data Handling
  • Series
  • Dataframes
  • Moving Average
  • Pandas Assignment
  • Section 05: Matplotlib Visual Analysis
  • What is Matplotlib
  • Types of Plots
  • Creating Plots in Python Part 1 and 2
  • Pandas Assignment
  • Seaborn
  • Section 06: Scikit-learn Prediction
  • What is scikit-learn
  • Types of Models
  • Prediction Models
  • What is Regression in Finance
  • Linear Regression
  • Prediction - Data Preprocessing
  • Prediction - Regression
  • Scikit-learn Assignment
  • Section 07: S&P-500 Price Prediction
  • Overview
  • Project Tasks
  • Data Processing
  • Prediction Part 1
  • Prediction Part 2
  • Project Solution
  • Section 08: Risk Analysis of Credit Card Defaulter
  • Overview
  • Project Tasks
  • Data Processing
  • Prediction
  • Project Solution
  • Section 09: Bonus Resources
  • Bonus Resources
  • Guide to Resources
  • Tutorial Links
  • Dataset Links
  • Section 10: Conclusion
  • Conclusion

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The Course instructors at Yoda Learning are at Par. My only Weakness till date was Excel which is long gone now. Not only I’ve learned about Excel but I can confidently do VBA Coding and automate my Regular Excel Tasks. A colleague of mine made me watch a Couple of your Videos where you have taught Excel Tricks. And since it had a Lifetime Support it really motivated me to take your Course. Thank you so much for delivering your Best knowledge.

Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
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I have all the courses from Yoda Learning. I consider it as one of the best platforms in making Learning easier for its Learners. The Courses here are comprehensive and one of the easiest Courses on the Online Platform in recent times. Professionally explained. I love the takeaways from the Course. It’s amazing especially the Money back Guarantee which gives you the Confidence to take the course.

Barbara Pern
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