PRO Excel for Accountants and Data Analysts

Excel remains one of the most extensive pieces of software i.e. used in the workplaces on Regular Basis.

While making PRO Excel for Accountants and Data Analysts Course, I focused on building strong foundations of Excel for the Professionals.

Let’s say you want to come out as a Power User of Excel and specialize at it at a professional level.

When I asked a handful of my most Excel-savvy colleagues about where they picked up the knowledge?

They told me things like, “Colleagues, friends and Google Search

Fair enough.

But you can’t be dependent on the third Party every time when you’ve an Excel Query.

I was pretty sure you’re one of those professionals who wants to master the world’s most popular data analysis and visualization solution – if not then at least learn how to create charts and graphs that’ll benefit your Organization.

So, in the spirit to make you a more productive, data-driven Professional, I’ve made the best online resource for your aid.

Imagine there is a Situation. 💭

Situation: You’re asked to ‘Make an annual Sales Report of the Customers’

Problem:  Building an Annual report manually would be a headache

Solution:  You can build a pivot table for the same

, PRO Excel for Accountants and Data AnalystsPeople find the idea of building a pivot table very complicated and time-consuming.

I completely disagree with this.

Pivot tables are incredibly fast.

You just need a well-organized source data.

It will help you to create a pivot table in less than a minute time.

All you need to do is: Drag and Drop.

Drag a “label” field into the Row Labels area (e.g. customer)

Drag a numeric field into the Values area (e.g. sales)

Pivot Table not only helps in Quick Report Making but helps you to view the details of individual Customers

[Hint: By Adding Slicers]

8 facts about this Course

 Get Accuracy: Assure and maintain integrity and accuracy of the Spreadsheets

 Gain Utility: Utilize the Power of the various inbuilt Excel Functions that are underutilized

 Learn Inquire Add-in: Learn in detail about the Inquire Add-in for Reviewer OR Auditor

 Do Analysis: Analyze your entire Workbook formulas, hidden sheets, macros and a lot more

Do Presentation: Get pictorial presentation of Relationship between Workbook, worksheets and individual cells

 Make Comparisons: Compare Multiple Versions of Various Files even at Cells Level (Formatting Changes /Changes made to the Macros line-by-line)

Inventory Creation: Create an Inventory of Files Stored in a Folder

Index Sheet Creation: Create an index Sheet within an Excel Sheet using Power Query

Why you should enroll in this course?

There are various advantages of taking PRO Excel For Accountants and Data Analysts such as:

  1. Job Efficiency: This Course is specially made to help learners with career-building skills. It will help you become better and efficient at your job
  2. Extensive Knowledge: It will help you grasp most of the Advanced Excel Features and the knowledge about the Various Excel Tools
  3. Saves Time & effort: It increases your efficiency in data analysis & reporting tasks to make you incredible at work, reduce your extra Time and Effort and gain maximum Productivity. It will help to Increase efficiency by avoiding rework
  4. Create a model with multiple scenarios: You’ll have detailed knowledge about how to create a model with multiple scenarios
  5. Auditing techniques: Discover Powerful formula auditing techniques
  6. Learn Excel Limitations: It will help you understand the various loopholes in Excel and the ways and Tools using which you can figure out these Loopholes.
  7. Excel add-ins: Detailed discussion about add-ins the most Powerful of Excel i.e. Inquire add-in and Power Query
  8. Error Control: Foil attempts to conceal data and formulas from you and helps to present results with more confidence knowing that you have checked for errors.
  9. Quick spreadsheet Creation: Create spreadsheets faster by avoiding wasted time from lack of specification. No more Worries about the costly and embarrassing mistakes
  10. Standout abilities: Get the Excel ability to solve all Excel Related issues and Standout in between your Teammates

Additional Benefits in the Course

😃 Easy-to-understand: Well-designed and easy-to-understand Course material

📚 Comprehensive Case Studies: Get Detailed explanations with comprehensible Case Studies based on real situations

📁 Free Downloadable files: Downloadable Practice Files, course materials & Workbooks to support your Practice

🆕 Free Updates: Regular Video updates for which you do not have to pay anything extra

💬 Quick Response: Fast and responsive support for any feedback or questions

🙋 Lifetime Access: Lifetime Access to all the lectures on the course

💰 Money back guarantee: If you’re not Satisfied or you don’t like something about the Course, get an assured 30-day money back guarantee

😊 Provides Leisure: Work comfortably with Microsoft Excel and many of its advanced features whenever you wish to


Inventory Of Files & Index Sheets

Introduction To Pivot Table

Course Curriculum

Introduction and requirements

  • Course syllabus – Introduction
  • Microsoft Power Query and ASAP Utilities for Excel- Complete Download and Installation Guide

A Complete Guide to get started with Excel

  • Course syllabus – Introduction
  • Microsoft Power Query and ASAP Utilities for Excel- Complete Download and Installation Guide

The Process audit - Features to speed up your review

  • Excel Watch Window – For displaying selected results all times
  • View/Compare and Monitor multiple files side by side
  • All items in the Manual explained: Go to Window and Special
  • Find and select cells formatting that meet specific conditions
  • Printing Settings- Details

Analysis of an Excel file using inquire

  • Activate the Inquire Add-in in ExcelIntroduction to Workbook Analysis Report
  • Workbook to Analyze Report – Part 1
  • Workbook to Analyze Report – Part 2
  • Relationship between Workbook/Worksheet and Cells
  • Text Compare – Compare files
  • Clear Formatting in Excel

Formula Auditing

  • Excel formula calculations based on Order of Operations
  • Identify Errors with Formula Auditing
  • Detect/Check errors in the Formula Text in Spreadsheets
  • Using Structured References like Relative & Absolute, Structured, Named Ranges / cells – Part 1
  • Using Structured References like Relative & Absolute, Structured, Named Ranges / cells – Part 2
  • Rounding Precision – Excel’s Precision as displayed

Excel Pivot Tables

  • Pivot Tables, Data Models and Power Pivot – Introduction
  • Create Pivot Table – Data Source – Single Sheets
  • Multiple Sheets, External Data and Existing pivot table from Other Data Sources
  • how to create a data model and power pivot
  • How to Filter the data – Report Level, Slicers, Timelines – Label & Value filters
  • How to Sort the data in Pivot Table – Ascending, Descending, Manual or Custom Sort
  • Group and rename your Data
  • Summarizing Excel Data using various options
  • Create a heat map data bars and sparklines in excel using Conditional formatting
  • Calculated fields and items- Usage issues
  • Excel pivot table issues Resolved

Spreadsheet governance framework

  • Complete Governance around spreadsheets
  • SIPOC Model – Process, maintain and monitor spreadsheets for improvement
  • Get the List of File Names in a folder and create Index of sheets


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