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Build robust financial model from start to finish

Excel Modeling for Finance Professionals

Take Excel Modeling for Finance Professionals and learn the most Trending Career Profile for the Professionals. Now, understand sturdy Money Models and Build Robust Financial Models. Perform Calculations that cover Revenues, Manage Operating and maintenance Cost and do Capital Budgeting.

  • Live Lessons = 16 Hrs
  • Lab Session = 12 Hours
  • Completion Certificate
  • Projects = 8

Excel Modeling For Finance Professionals

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$ 299

Opening Soon


$ 349

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Course Description


• How to perform Calculations that cover Revenues,
• How to manage Operating and Maintenance Cost
• Understand about what is Capital Budgeting by scheming Capital Expenditure, depreciation, debt and equity.
• Learn Timing Flag Advanced Practices
• Learn what a Waterfall Structure is
• Learn what funding a Waterfall Structure is
• What is a Circular Reference?
• What is iteration in context of Circular Reference?
• Circularity Switch or Circuit Breaker


The course is for you if you have the function-specific skills such as:

• If you understand Basic accounting and have the knowledge about financial management principles
• If you can interpret numbers and draw conclusions out of various financial strategy changes
• You have got the business judgment and keenness to tackle complex business problems and scenarios
• You have the ability to synthesize large data into small manageable chunks and later convey about these chunks both written and verbally
• Ability to understand the key factors in the extensive data
• If you’re good at analytics and quantitative skills. If you understand number crunching and have the basic knowledge about Finance buzzwords
• If you understand the financial theory and have the practical experience of working with MS – Excel


Excel Modeling for Finance Professionals is for:

· The ones who want to perform robust vertical and horizontal income statement analysis by applying various performance ratios

· Who would like to approach the benchmarking income statement performance against an appropriate peer group

· The ones who want to Present financial information- Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement, Income Statement to managers and ratio analysis

· The ones who want to analyze financial information to estimate forecasts for the industry, business and economic environment in order to make investment decisions

· If you prepare revenue and expense forecasts that helps to make financial decisions

· The ones who have to maintain knowledge and stay abreast of new regulations and policies in business law

· The ones who do taxation, financial reporting regulations that may affect investment policy


The Live Online Training will benefit you in many ways. It will let you:

· Have a Strategic thinking and planning abilities

· Time management and project management skills

· Understand sturdy Money Models and Build Robust Financial Models

· Perform Calculations that cover Revenues, Manage Operating and maintenance Cost,

· Understand Capital Budgeting by scheming, Capital

What is the Certification Criteria for Live Online Training for Financial Modeling?

The Live Online Training for Excel Modeling for Finance Professionals is exclusively for candidates planning to make a promising career in the finance industry. Financial Modeling is widely sought-after skills in the finance industry. Complete the Course with Yoda Learning and get your Course Completion Certificate


With the Excel Modeling for Finance Professionals Course, you can become:

· Analyst

· Equity Research Expert

· Investment Banking

· Corporate Finance

· Financial Control

· Credit Research

· Research Associate

· Buy/Sell Side Analysis

Program Objectives

✓ Discover and learn about the most productive finance teams and how they are driving greater efficiency using Practical scenarios and Case Studies

✓ Supercharge your skills which involve handling Finance. Designed to handle huge volumes of data, and the Models that will help you transform the way you work

✓ You’ll be able to get a 35 % hike in your Salary as you’ll have better problem solving and analytical skills

✓ You’ll be able to Impress your Boss and Colleagues at Work with the most sought-after skills in today’s Corporate

✓ Become a Predominant Talent Required for Career Advancements and Attract better Jobs with higher Chances of getting Promoted

✓ All you need to know is Basic Excel and Math. And Add Excel Modeling in your Career and your skillset. This will bring game-changing capabilities into your present as well as Future

Don’t know about Excel Modeling?

Yoda Learning’s eBook comes with basic guidelines for People to get familiar with Excel Modeling


What you'll learn in Live Training

Module 1: Excel Foundation for Financial Modeling

Essential Shortcuts:

  • Sheets and Data Navigation
  • Show all formulas
  • Using $
  • Go To (Special)
  • Entering values
  • Copy Pasting formulas

Logic Building Formulas: IF, AND, OR, MAX and MIN

Scenario Building Formulas: INDEX, VLOOKUP, MATCH, CHOOSE, OFFSET

What if Analysis Switches: Spin Button, Drop Down list, Scroll Bar


Module 2: Excel based Financial Modeling (Greenfield Solar Power Project)

  • FAST™ Modelling Standard: – a set of rules on the structure and detailed design of spreadsheet based models. (Flexible, Structured, Appropriate and Transparent)

General Flow:

  • Mini-case lets will be used to explain the concept of Flags, Circularity Switch, scenario building formulas and logic building Excel functions
  • One case study will be taken up to explain the general linkages between Assumptions, Working Schedules, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. This will ensure that the model is correctly integrated.
  • A full blown Financial Model (Greenfield Solar Power Project) will be taken up

Module 3: Specific areas which require attention and will be covered as a part of the model:

  1. Assumptions build-up (Project Start Date, Gestation Period, Project Commissioning Date etc.)
  • Accommodating project delays
  • Upfront capex in a phased manner

2. Building automated timeline (FY)

3. Timing and Event activation Flags (True/False)

  • Operation Start Flag
  • Operation Continued Flag
  • Operational Year sequence counter
  • Loan Repayment Flag

4. Revenue Buildup (PPA / Merchant Sale) with YoY escalation in prices

5. Capex Schedule (The journey from Capex > CWIP > PPE or Gross Fixed Assets)

6. Use of BASE Analysis (Beginning, Addition, Subtraction, Ending)

7. Amortization/Depreciation schedule

  • Building depreciation calculations that stops after the book balance is fully depreciated

8. Interest during Construction (IDC) – to be capitalized

  • Hard Capex vs. Soft Capex (IDC)
  • Dividing Interest accrued between IDC and P/L in the year of start of operation

9. Waterfall Structure of funding

  • Equity drawdown, followed by Debt and Grants

10. Incorporating Revolver Balance & Minimum Cash Balances

11. Debt schedules & repayment

12. Working Capital schedule & Linkages

13. Building iterative calculation for Interest

  • Incorporating circularity switch to build a failsafe mechanism in case iteration leads to irreversible errors

Others: IRR, NPV, Ratios, What If Analysis, Relevant Shortcuts

Live Training Details:





Opening Soon


$ 299

Opening Soon


$ 349


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Online Live Training

Fast-paced, Live online training courses. Live interaction; Practical skills for immediate application, Learn the fundamentals of Power BI, focusing on personal transformation, Expert Educators; 24X7 Support and the best part is the Flexible Schedule

Industry Expert with 10+ Year Exp.

Live Interactive Sessions by our industry Professionals having 10+ Years of Exp. Step-by-step live demonstrations and live Q&A covered in the instructor led training by Certified-industry experts having hands-on live online and visual training experience.

Industry Projects with Support

Industry driven Projects. Best Practical scenarios and industry supportive case studies. Expert guidance from the beginning of your career itself. Learn everything about the project from scratch. It offers comprehensive assistance with 24*7 Support

Supportive eBooks

The quintessential to learn Power BI. A free eBook should be used as a point of reference to get started with Power BI. The Top BI Solutions for the beginner to advanced Excel Users. The eBook contains key business and reference topics and Top BI Functions for Free.

Pre-& Post Training Video

You get the access to the pre-recorded Videos in case if you’ve missed any session. This helps to enhance student learning and bridge the learning gap in the classrooms. Get the Instructor-Led Live Online Training and achieve your personal and professional goals.


Certification Program by instructor led training. It will provide you professional recognition in the field of BI. Once you’ve completed all the Modules of the Power BI Live Online Training, you’ll be getting a Course Completion Certificate. It is beneficial for you as it certifies you as a Power BI Proficient.


Can I Attend a Demo Session before Enrolment?

Joining hands with Yoda Learning means preparing for a class session which is guaranteed to be effective, engaging, and memorable class session. You can attend your Demo session, before you Enroll for our Course. This gets you the complete attention of the Course Instructor who promises to deliver the best experience possible for learning.
We encourage Learners to take the complete learning Session. Yoda Learning’s Live Online Training guarantees, 100% refund policy after you attend the first session.
In case, if you’re covered with this Guarantee you don’t need any other assurance for your learning Path. In our Learning Sessions, you’ll come across helpful instructors and dedicated Personal Learning Managers.

How many students are there in One Batch?

We do not take more than 5 students per batch. This helps the instructors to put complete attention on their Students.

Who is the Instructor at Yoda Learning?

Our instructors are expert professionals of Power BI. They’ve a Proficient knowledge of more than 10 + years in this field. It isn’t just the knowledge and expertise in Power BI. The instructors are driven by passion, joy and teaching.

What if I have more queries?

You don’t have to worry, if you’re unable to understand a section or have a doubt or query in regards to the section. We have experts who are happy to teach and are Ridiculously Committed to make you learn. So, if you’re interested and keen in learning, you get the instructor’s Support 24*7. You’ll enjoy to the lengths of solving your doubts via screen sharing.

What is the Live Instructor-led Session?

Live Instructor-led Sessions are face to face sessions in between the Student and the Industry Experts Online. We are providing Live Online Training options and Instructor-led Classes to our students. Our Live Trainings are conducted by Power BI Working Professionals with 100 % Quality Assurance & provides Learning Management System access. Weekend class: 8 sessions of 4 hours each and Weekday class: 16 sessions of 2 hours each. & provides Learning Management System access.

What if I miss a class?You’ll get to view the recorded session of the class in Yoda Learning's Learning Management System (LMS). You can view it anytime.

You’ll get to view the recorded session of the class in Yoda Learning’s Learning Management System (LMS). You can view it anytime.

Will I Get Placement Assistance?

The Certification you’ll get from Yoda Learning is well recognized and has helped Learners gain Career Growth in life. We provide industry intensive and real – life based practical learning to the Power BI Users to help them understand the Problems and make effective decisions.

Do I get the Lifetime Access?

We have Live Online Training for Power BI that can be viewed Online. Here, you get lifetime access to the Live Online Power BI recorded videos. Live Online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers & On Demand Dedicated time for doubt solving

Do I get the Power BI Certificate?

Yoda Learning’s stand out vision and validation process of knowledge and skills is much more powerful than most traditional methods of Training.
Once you’ve completed all the Modules of the Power BI Live Online Training, you’ll be getting a Course Completion Certificate. It is beneficial for you as it certifies you as a Power BI Proficient.
The Live Instructor Led Training will get you the required credibility which will be later passed on to our certifications.

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