Data Cleaning in Excel Simplified

Data Cleaning in Excel Simplified (2023 updates)

Boost your Excel productivity using the best data cleaning techniques in under <100 minutes.


Mark R.


I learned plenty of pro tips and new tricks here. The Go To box used to be "that thing I'd pull up by mistake when I meant to hit Ctrl-F," and it's great to discover how useful Go To can be. Fixing invalid date values and the Flash Fill feature wowed me, too. Thank you for putting this series of videos together!

Connor M.


Awesome. Great data cleaning tips and tricks.

Kristen H.


Very good class. It helped me learn many things to make the time I make my data spreadsheets faster.

Due Diligence


Thought excel more tougher than physics. But after getting handful lessons from Rishabh started enjoying excel learning. Thanks Rishabh!!!!!!

Rica O.


Why I am knowing about this just by now? This could have saved me a lot of time before.



I love how engaging you are with the videos. And I admire how you go over all of the materials. I only give it 4 out of 5 stars though because I have a MacBook, and I really wish you went over the shortcuts for BOTH Windows and Mac. Overall though, the Yoda Learning program is great!

Lawrence Anthonyzeal


In my experience I have learn what I have not think of just like using if statement and Vlookup in change to grade score in excel and the video is Nice for new person that done have deal in excel and PowerPoint



There are multiple applications in the world and multiple people teaching the same. But, Yoda Learning is the one, which is the teaching in the most simple way to understand. It gives its application in different use cases , hence it is not only teaching but also guiding. And its services are value for money. Thank you Yoda Learning.

Priyanka Verma


Rishabh is one of the wonderful tutor I have seen in my life. He explains things very well and it is me who is behind in the course due to other priorities but which ever videos i have seen, I loved learning and implemented as well in my day to day schedule.

Manuel Zamudio


this course really is something to spend most of time, aside from the strategy and formulas the instructor is performing well by delivering clear and concise information. I am truly enjoying this course, looking forward to taking another for my self-improvement.

CA Nirmal Choudhary


This course is full of hidden tricks, tools, tips and amazing learning. The way of teaching of sir is beyond the traditional no confusion lies after you had listened him carefully. I would like to recommend everyone excel learner go for structured learning platform

Natwar Sharma


I was totally zero in Excel before watching and joining this course... Excel superb Star team make me advance in which normal Excel user doesn't know..thank you Rishabh sir and team..i have watched more tricks on YouTube..further thanks for that also available that for us

Paras Ghanchi


Yoda Learning has a significant role in my excel learning journey, Thanks so much for teaching me various tricks and formulas from 2015.

Even More Student Testimonials

Lucy M.


Very good concise videos.

Samuel W.


Very engaging and informative



I have taken other excel courses where they did talk about some of these features, but this course goes a bit deeper. The "GoTo Special" is one of those I had forgotten about and i am very glad it was covered with more detail! Lots of great tips and tricks to help make your Excel life much easier.

Katherine Joyce V.


very engaging and easy to follow

Denzel Panashe J.



Nokulunga N.


Straight to the point, just love how he repeats the steps.

Zdeněk F.


Can imagine this must be very useful course for medium-advanced Excel users.

Farrah Angela V.


By far the best Excel Tricks class I've attended! The instructor has divided and arranged the different topics according to importance and use. The explanation and examples were all clear, understandable and useful. 🙂 Thank you so much!

Denisa A.


I clean data at work sometimes and these videos are right on track with some things I have done and I am learning more concepts. Plus the shortcuts are helpful, I have struggled with using more than basic shortcuts

Ian Carlos G.


I paid my sister to clean up the data which took her a good number of hours, the GO TO special can actually do the trick in less than 10 seconds.

Andrew S.


The excel tips and tricks are extremely handy. The instructor is very knowledgeable any easy to follow, repeating the examples several times to ensure that the concept is understood before moving on to the next topic.


What's Inside?


Data Cleaning (Beginner-level)

  • Concatenate – Multiple ways to join data in one cell
  • Text formulas – cleaning up unformatted data and extracting relevant data.
  • Text to Columns – Data Parsing – splits data into multiple columns


Data Cleaning (Intermediate-level)

  • Formatting tricks – Clear all formatting faster using QAT, Double-click Format Painter
  • Remove duplicates values – Remove or deduct duplicate values via multiple ways
  • Flash Fill – Generates solution, based on given patterns


Data Cleaning (Advanced-level)

  • Find & Replace – Using with wildcard characters * ? and ~ character for neutralizing them
  • Power Query for Data Cleansing in Excel – Split data into rows and Unpivot columns
  • Go To – Special – To highlight errors, fill up blank cells, and find out formula inconsistency

“It is an informative course. It gives me the much-needed info and tricks to clean my data in Excel. I recommend this to any average Excel user like myself who wants to learn the art of data cleansing in Excel.”

Lakeside D.

$ 9
  • 1.5 short hours
  • 24 lectures (video)
  • Full Lifetime Access

The Full Curriculum

For beginner level

Part 1: CONCATENATE – To join two or more text strings into one string

  • CONCATENATE (Basics) – using two approaches
  • CONCATENATE vs. Flash-Fill
  • CONCATENATE vs. & vs. TEXTJOIN vs. CONCAT – Which one is the best?
  • Quiz #1

Part 2: Text formulas – cleaning up unformatted data and extracting relevant data

  • Use LEFT, RIGHT, MID and VALUE – to extract data from a text string
  • Use SEARCH with MID – to extract Characters from a String
  • Use TRIM, LEN, and SUBSTITUTE – for data cleansing
  • Use UPPER, PROPER, and LOWER – to convert cases of letters
  • Quiz #2

Part 3: Text to Columns – Data Parsing – splits data into multiple columns

  • Text to Columns – split text using different options (Delimiter vs. Fixed Width)
  • Text to Columns – Format invalid dates quickly
  • Text to Columns – Solve troubleshoot hanging formulas problem
  • Quiz #3

For Intermediate level

Part 4: Formatting tricks

  • Formatting tricks – Clear all formatting faster using QAT, Double-click Format Painter

Part 5: Remove duplicates values – Remove or deduct duplicate values via multiple ways

  • Using the “Remove Duplicates” feature vs. UNIQUE Function
  • Detect duplicates using the COUNTIFS Function
  • Quiz #4

Part 6: Flash Fill – Generates solution, based on given patterns

  • Basics of Flash Fill (Ctrl E) – Dos & Don’ts
  • Project #1 – Extract complex bank details using Flash Fill & Formulas
  • Project #2 – Clean up messy electricity usage details using Flash Fill and Find & Replace
  • Quiz #5

For Advanced level

Part 7: Find & Replace – Using with wildcard characters * ? and MS-Word hidden trick

  • Basics of Find & Replace
  • Advanced Find & Replace – using wildcard characters * ? and ~ character for neutralizing them
  • MS Word’s hidden trick for Find & Replace
  • Quiz #6

Part 8: Power Query for Data Cleansing in Excel

  • Power Query’s feature – PQ’s Split text into Rows vs. Excel’s Text to Columns
  • Power Query’s feature – Unpivot columns to convert Cross tab data into a flat file.
  • Quiz #7

Part 9: Go To (Special) – select cells by specific criteria

  • Using Go To – Special option – Find out a specific type of cells E.g., Cells having errors, comments, formula inconsistency, etc.
  • Using Go To – Special option – To Fill up intermittent blank cells and Colour the blank cells
  • Using Go To – Special option – For smart formatting tricks like choose and colour visible cells only, delete objects, etc.
  • Quiz #8

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide support during the course?

We have a chat panel in every lecture window. You can take screenshots, upload file, and send queries to our support desk. QnA should be related to the case study files ONLY.

Can I download the course?

No. But, you can watch the videos unlimited number of times.

Can I access the course from more than one computer?

Yes, you can access the course from only 2-3 devices (computer or mobiles) with your login credentials.

Do I get a certificate at each level?

No, you do not get a Certificate at each level. We only provide the course completion certificate.

Explain the refund policy.

You can ask for refund within 14-days of enrollment. No questions asked. email us at [email protected]

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