PowerPoint Picture Tools to Create Magnifier Glass Effects

by | April 7th, 2017

powerpoint design trick to create magnifier glass effect 01 - picture tools

Learn a new PowerPoint trick using picture tools: Magnifier

Case Study: Let’s say my company has launched a new water dispenser. I would like to highlight the new features of the product. To do so, I will like to use a magnifier like an effect to attract the viewers’ attention (Picture tools). This is a special PowerPoint trick.

In one of the earlier blogs, we saw how to create them in Microsoft PowerPoint version 2007. The process was a tad slow. Let’s see how to create it faster in Microsoft PowerPoint version 2010 onwards.

  1. Choose the picture. Press PowerPoint shortcut key “CTRL+D” to create a copy or a duplicate of the image. powerpoint picture tools: shortcut key to create duplicates using Ctrl D
  2. Choose the duplicate image
    Powerpoint picture tools trick to choose image & crop to shap
  3. Go to “FORMAT” tab that appears on the PowerPoint Ribbon
  4. Locate “CROP” button. Click on the drop down of that button
  5. Under “CROP” button, select “CROP TO SHAPE” and choose Oval shape. This chooses the geometrical shape in which the magnifier will be moulded. This feature is available in PowerPoint version 2010 onwards.
  6. Powerpoint picture tools trick cropped image
    This step puts the picture in the mould of an oval boundary. You will be able to see it if the background colour is contrasting.
  7. Powerpoint picture tools trick to choose image and to crop image in an oval shape
  8. Keep the duplicate picture chosen.
  9. Now, go to “FORMAT
  10. Choose “CROP” option from the drop down menu again
  11. This time, click on “CROP” sub-option from “CROP” main button
  12. You will see the picture in an Oval shape. It is surrounded by grey shaded area. The edges will show black clip like icons. powerpoint picture tools trick to crop image from the edges and to crop image
  13. Now place your cursor close to black clip like icons. You can hold it and resize the crop area.
  14. Adjust the size to be able to focus on the desired part of the duplicate picture.
  15. Try to keep the circle formation. powerpoint picture tools trick to create magnifier using crop
  16. Click anywhere outside the image boundary. This will yield the cropped part in a circular shape. This is called a Magnifier and the effect it produces is known as the magnifying glass effect which is used by BMW & Cairn India.Powerpoint picture tools trick to use picture effects
  17. Now, you can apply some Picture effects to make it attractive.
  18. Keep the Magnifier chosen. Go to “FORMAT” tab of picture tools.
  20. Select “PRESET” and then click on “PRESET 1”.
  21. Now this picture effect has been applied on the Magnifier powerpoint picture tools trick to use magnifier and to increase magnifier size symmetrically
  22. You can put the Magnifier on top of the original image. Position it such that it is placed above the tap.
  23. You can increase the size without disturbing the dimensions. Keep Shift key pressed and use the corner points to stretch it outwards.
  24. powerpoint picture tools trick to make magnifier size symmetrical with lock aspect ratio
  25. To make the Magnifier look like a perfect circle, you can make the height equal to the width. To do this, you will have to first disable “Lock Aspect ratio”. Next step will be to make height equal to the width. Then, re-enable the “Lock Aspect ratio”
  26. Choose the Magnifier.
  27. Under “FORMAT” tab of picture tools, go to the “SIZE” group (tiny button at the bottom left of the group tab)Powerpoint picture tools trick to use lock aspect ratio
  28. Uncheck the “Lock aspect ratio
  29. Then make the height same as weight. E.g. 2”
  30. Re-enable the “Lock aspect ratio”. This ensures that the dimensions are maintained in future. powerpoint picture tools trick to change picture height and width
  31. Now, if I change the height as 2.52; width will also change automatically to 2.52 Powerpoint picture tools trick to use magnifier for marketing
  32. Repeat Step 1 to 28 as above to create a magnifier for the container lid. E.g. The product’s new feature is an air tight lid. powerpoint picture tools trick to add picture border
  33. To give a different effect, make the picture border white in colour. powerpoint picture tools trick to change picture border size
  34. We will give a high weight to the border. E.g. 6 pt.
  35. Once placed on the original picture, it looks attractive.

Thus, a basic magnifier effect can be achieved within 30 seconds. It helps keep the viewers’ focus on a specific part(s) of the picture. Hope you loved this special PowerPoint trick. Here is another Powerpoint trick to make your slides better in just 5 seconds using SmartArt.

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