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I saved a board meeting…using Powerpoint Graphs | Powerpoint tips

One day I received a call from one of my client companies (a prominent non-banking financial service,) which receive applications for loans and processes it for further action – approved & disbursed vs. rejected. Read along know what you can do with powerpoint graphs. Situation: A senior level meeting had been called and they had to […]

How to make original Good-looking Presentation slides

Guide to make original Good-looking Presentation slides Today, if you want to succeed in your corporate job, you must know how to impress the ‘higher-ups‘ of your organization using your presentation slides.

Create Magnifier Glass Effect in Powerpoint Picture

I frequently visit “Investor Relations” section of numerous companies. On one such occasion, I stumbled upon an Investor PowerPoint Presentation of a Global Auto major (BMW Jan 2014). I was mesmerised by the look of a Powerpoint picture in certain slides and started exploring techniques on how to highlight in powerpoint slides.

PowerPoint Tips on converting text to graphics using Smartart

MS Word & PowerPoint Tips on how to convert a simple ordered or unordered List like converting text to graphics. Microsoft Word & PowerPoint has built-in shapes and designs in SmartArt Tool which can be used directly; while preparing project report or presentation you may need to design some charts, lists, graphs, shapes etc. In order to […]

Time Travel with PowerPoint tricks – Smart Art for Powerpoint

Powerpoint Tricks Time travel has been a core theme for many Hollywood science fiction flicks. Well, let me make it a reality for you. You can zoom past an hour in less than five minutes with these special powerpoint tricks. a) Convert boring bullet points in attractive SmartArt in 5 seconds – I borrowed some […]

PowerPoint Picture Tools to Create Magnifier Glass Effects

Learn a new PowerPoint trick using picture tools: Magnifier Case Study: Let’s say my company has launched a new water dispenser. I would like to highlight the new features of the product. To do so, I will like to use a magnifier like an effect to attract the viewers’ attention (Picture tools). This is a […]

How to Customize PowerPoint Slides Only in 15 Minutes?

Is your boss constantly nagging on your head to complete the PPT in few minutes? In such cases, use shortcuts to get your work done faster, smoother as well as qualitative. I exhibit five effective PowerPoint Presentation Tips that you wished you would know much before so that you would complete creating your presentation within […]

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