MS Word

Add APA Page number in MS Word with 3 Easy Steps

While writing documents or preparing a project report, it becomes mandatory to serialize all pages. MS Word has the option to give a serial number to the pages. The page numbers can be at the header or footer of the page with alignment options and style. An option is available to choose the starting number...
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Copy Text from PDF without Line Breaks & More Word Tricks

How to copy text from pdf without broken lines We have been working on Excel, VBA & Powerpoint tutorial and felt the need for exploring Word Tricks to enhance the productivity and save a ton of time of professionals who use MS Word for multiple purposes like writing an idea, designing template, making a professional report...
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Learn Clipboard and 2 more special Table tricks in Microsoft Word

This tutorial helps you to uncover the hidden importance of Clipboard and how you can use various instances of copy + paste. We also work around table (one of the most hated areas in word) Learn more Word Tricks These three Word Tricks helps you to be more productive at work: Copy and Paste Using...
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