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Excel Security | How to lock cells in excel | Protect Sheet

Maintaining the integrity of an excel file that has to be shared with peers is a challenging job. Earlier versions of MS excel had a password feature but they were widely criticized because they were pretty easy to crack. However, the latest versions have fortified the security and password features to protect your file from […]

Working with VLOOKUP Formula

Today, I have noticed every Professional working with Microsoft Excel using Vlookup formula. What I have experienced while interacting with my workshop participants is that they could tremendously magnify its application power if they learn two associated techniques of VLookup.

Excel Dashboard using What-if Analysis, Indirect Function & more

In this topic, I will try to cover the features of what-if Analysis. It is a tool that allows you to try to different formulas. If you apply what-if analysis you will notice changing the values in cells and how those changes will affect the outcome of the formulas in your spreadsheet.

Working with Excel INDEX Formula

Excel Index is probably one of the most favourite Excel formulae of many. In my previous post, I had mentioned about my favourite Excel formula. And it was not INDEX(). In my excel training sessions, when I happen to ask my participants about their favorite Excel formula, I am not surprised to hear the answer to […]

Drag and Drop: 5 Simple MS Excel Shortcuts that really Work

Working on your Excel spreadsheets can be much faster than you think if you use this 5 Simple drag and drop MS Excel Shortcuts:

Create a report in excel for sales data analysis using Pivot Table Techniques

Create a report in excel for sales data analysis is an important aspect of any business. Unless you are able to measure and analyse data, how can you improve your performance? It’s true that improving performance is a whole new story, but unless your data measurement isn’t accurate, you can never hope to reach the […]

Find circular reference for dummies

What is all that noise about Circular Reference? Circular reference warning is received with raised eyebrows and terrified looks most of the time. But from our experience we know it to be all smoke and no fire, which we will prove to you right here. So what really is a circular reference? It simply means that your […]

20 Excel Keyboard shortcuts for Beginners

When starting with Microsoft Excel, knowing a few shortcuts will reduce your work time and make it easier to work on Excel. Using the mouse to do all the task reduces your productivity. Here are a few shortcuts to use when you just begin working with Microsoft Excel. These Excel Keyboard shortcuts for beginner works with […]

Excel VLOOKUP Function: Why and How?

Before we learn how to use Excel VLOOKUP function, we must learn WHEN do we use Excel VLOOKUP function? Task: Imagine if you have to find when does train no. 6948 departs in the schedule chart above? Your approach: You will scan the first column top to bottom. When you find the same train no., […]

Learn how to unprotect Excel or remove worksheet password

This is a Step-by-step blog on how to unprotect excel spreadsheet without using any software. This includes changing file extension and manipulating its constituents to get an unprotected excel file. Almost ALL Excel users wish at some point or the other felt the need of some magic to “Unprotect Excel Sheet” password so that they […]

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