Excel Shortcuts

Chrome and Excel Shortcuts

Chrome and Excel Shortcuts 1. #YodaHacks – 7 Killer Chrome Tricks: Ready to exercise your killer Chrome skills? Learn how to open your last link, pin your tab, toggle between tabs and more! a. Unable to connect to the Internet? Play the dinosaur game. b. Ctrl + W: closes the window c. Ctrl + Shift...
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Drag and Drop: 5 Simple MS Excel Shortcuts that really Work

Working on your Excel spreadsheets can be much faster than you think if you use this 5 Simple drag and drop MS Excel Shortcuts: 1. MS Excel Shortcut for Copying and Moving: Excel has a unique feature hidden somewhere in the “Paste Special” column which many people don’t know about. Values can be added, subtracted,...
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20 Excel Shortcuts Keys For Beginners Using Keyboard 2017

When starting with Microsoft Excel, knowing a few excel shortcuts will reduce your work time and make it easier to work on Excel. Using the mouse to do all the task reduces your productivity. Here are a few shortcuts to use when you just begin working with Microsoft Excel. These MS Excel Keyboard shortcuts for beginner...
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Working with Excel Formula Shortcuts | Excel tips & tricks

Learn Excel Shortcuts Formulas to make your life 4x faster 4 Excel shortcuts that can save tons of your time and make you look cool. 1. How to activate the “Function Argument” dialog box after writing a function in Excel? E.g. After writing “=VLOOKUP(” – ensure bracket is open, press Ctrl + A Before:   After:...
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