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This is the How-to-Make-the-Most Guide from Yoda Learning You’ve Been Looking For!

Get Started and Get Good at Excel Modeling, Office Productivity, and Business Intelligence

Hi, I’m Rishabh, co-founder at Yoda Learning. If you desire to become faster and better at office applications, (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Excel VBA, Access, Visio, Outlook… ) but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

For me and Yoda Learning community (We all call ourselves Yoda), we focus on helping each other with one goal – How can I get things done in the least possible time a.k.a. smarter-faster-better.

I teach a top-down and results-first approach designed for Knowledge Professionals. This is unlike most academic textbooks and university courses.

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You may be feeling overwhelmed. You may have a lot of questions. I created this page for you. It is your starting point.

What to Expect?

We assume that you’re opened Excel, PowerPoint or Word once in your life, so we won’t take you through basics (like auto sum or drawing a rectangle or changing the font of the text). I’m listing down few of Excel Modeling and Office Productivity Essentials based on your interest area. If it Wows you, keep on reading or come back here

Office Productivity Essential #1: Video Tutorials

We’ve built 1,000+ office productivity hacks microlearning videos. I say microlearning because these videos are ~3-5 minute long which are produced to give you highest RoI per minute. Take look at few of our video tutorials here:

You may also choose to join the free course or take the next step with premium courses

Office Productivity Essential #2: #AskYoda Webinars

Solve your queries on Dynamic Dashboard, Building Simple models, Automation Techniques, Presentation Secrets & many more…

What’s in this for you?

  • Solution to Real-life problems using Office Tricks. Who knows -You are living with a similar problem all your life
  • Learn Industry Best Practices from Office Experts (Trained 10,000+ professionals at PwC, JP Morgan, Nestle, KPMG, over last 5 years)
  • Master New Features of the Software that increases your speed by 4X (Hint: You’ve been ignoring these all your life)

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Office Productivity Essential #3: God-Mode Tutorials on Productivity hacks

We’ve handpicked few of our most read blogs for you. It is a mix of Office Applications. You may also choose to go a particular category of tutorials to make the most out of it. Don’t try to read all these in one particular day. You can join our mailing list and we will keep you updated when we publish something exciting.

Office Productivity Essential #4: eBooks to print and refer

We’ve put down a lot of valuable content after through research and interaction with our community, training participants, Learning and Development leaders. See if any one of these could help you in some way. My advice to you will be print and put it on your table because these are great reference guides.

Excel Ninja Shortcuts

Bain & Co. writing style compilation

Office Productivity Essential #5: LinkedIn Community

I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want the Yoda Learning experience to be our experience, together. That’s how we all learn and grow together, including me.

Join this community to discuss and stay updated with what we learn together.

What Yoda Learning is not?

Let’s dispel some myths and set realistic expectations before we go any deeper.

Myth #1: I’m using such applications over a decade. I DON’T need lessons
We create content when we (or one of our students) face an issue.The content created is based on training 6000+ classroom and 10000+ online students. There are multiple instances when a user gets stuck in day-to-day work. We focus on how to optimize the task and complete the tasks in the least possible steps or what’s the industry best practice. If you’ve found a better way, leave it in comments. We’re a community – Learning from each other.

Myth #2: I don’t know basics. How can I learn MS Office tricks
Let me be clear – You are done with basics when you’ve created a simple file in Excel, PowerPoint or word. A lot of time, we brush up basics in a fast-forward way to bring you up to the speed. Sometimes, when I say tricks, it is not Rabbit-out-of-a-magic-hat moment. We basically uncover less-known features of the software with use-case so you can benefit when you face a problem next time.

Myth #3: Learning from Video tutorials is difficult. Do you have classroom courses?
We conduct corporate training for blue chips (contact us). However, we strongly recommend online courses, if your goal is LEARNING from the BEST INSTRUCTORS. Apart from video tutorials, our course participants also have access to LIVE training (ask-me-anything webinars), online community where you post your questions/doubts and the community helps to solve that. Most of our content are crisp broken down into 5min video to make the most of your time.


I appreciate you

I’m here for you as both a guide and as a friend.

I do my best to respond to emails. I treat everyone equally. And I firmly believe that I’m not special, just a normal guy who enjoys working hard and working smart. In everything I do here with Yoda Learning, I truly want to make you 4X Faster.