Kanish Tuphonde- Student of Yodalearning Solutions

A Yoda Learning Course helped me improve my speed and shine among my peers

Please tell me about your work profile and how do you use Excel?

I’m an Assistant Manager in Credit Monitoring team at Greater Bank. I spend close 8 hours each day on Microsoft Excel. On a day-to-day basis, I get a lot raw text files and excel spreadsheets where I’m required create consolidated reports for the credit team. This involves data cleaning, heavily use Vlookup, sourcing values from various sheets, etc.

How did a Yoda Learning course help you?

I signed up for Advanced Excel course six months ago. The first part on using shortcuts was really effective. I got quickly used to excel shortcuts in the videos since they were introduced in the first section and were followed up in each video. I’m particularly a huge fan of LOOKUP section in the course (my work has actually reduced from 3 hours on lookups to 1 hour - 66% time save). Another aspect is the Excel tips and tricks approach: few ideas like merging spreadsheets and hyperlinking have helped me while preparing reports. I have also asked my peers who use excel to subscribe to their YouTube channel to brush up excel skills.

What has the value of a Yoda Learning course meant to him?

I have taken few classroom courses on Excel (mandatory training by my company) but that was of limited help. I think that the Excel course videos are conversational and doesn’t feel like I’m attending a boring lecture (half of my team sleep in classroom training). While practicing, I thinks someone is learning with the instructor. My speed has improved a lot after the course especially in the areas of MIS and data management. I have recently picked up Excel VBA tutorial (An Original Yoda Learning production) where I’m learning to code to automate his repeated tasks. Let’s see how this works out to be.

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