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How to Customize PowerPoint Slides Only in 15 Minutes?

Powerpoint Presentation Tips Is your boss constantly nagging on your head to complete the PPT in few minutes? In such cases, use shortcuts to get your work done faster, smoother as well as qualitative. I exhibit five effective PowerPoint Presentation Tips that you wished you would know much...


Learn how to unprotect Excel or remove worksheet password

This is a Step-by-step blog on how to unprotect excel spreadsheet without using any software. This includes changing file extension and manipulating its constituents to get an unprotected excel file. Almost ALL Excel users wish at some point or the other felt the need of some magic to "Unprotect...


PowerPoint Picture Tools to Create Magnifier Glass Effects

Learn a new PowerPoint trick using picture tools: Magnifier Case Study: Let’s say my company has launched a new water dispenser. I would like to highlight the new features of the product. To do so, I will like to use a magnifier like an effect to attract the viewers’ attention (Picture tools)....


Time Travel with PowerPoint tricks – Smart Art for powerpoint

Powerpoint Tricks Time travel has been a core theme for many Hollywood science fiction flicks. Well, let me make it a reality for you. You can zoom past an hour in less than five minutes with these special powerpoint tricks. a) Convert boring bullet points in attractive SmartArt in 5 seconds – I...


Excel VLOOKUP Function: Why and How?

Before we learn how to use Excel VLOOKUP function, we must learn WHEN do we use Excel VLOOKUP function? Task: Imagine if you have to find when does train no. 6948 departs in the schedule chart above? Your approach: You will scan the first column top to bottom. When you find the same train...