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Advanced Excel & Macros

Basics – Sort, Filter, Dates, Shortcuts
Lookups (VLOOKUP, 2D, 3D, reverse)
Pivot Tables & Macros in-depth
Logical functions – IF, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS
Multi-variable What if Analysis
… and many more tricks

Advanced PowerPoint & Charts

Basics – Pictures, Shapes, Text
Speed Shortcuts & Slide Master
Creative Shapes & Diagrams
Button triggered Animation
Magnifier, Highlighters
Charts – Waterfall, Combo
… and many more tricks

Other Productivity Tools

MS Access & SQL
MS Word, Outlook
MS Visio
Excel Dashboard
Unica, PIWIK
PMP – Project Management
… and many more

Learn Excel Online For Free with Case Studies

Learn Advanced Excel Courses | Microsoft Certified Center

MS Office Courses

Advanced Excel, PPT, Outlook, Word, Access and many more


What People Say


David Hoey

Hi Rishabh – Just wanted to say that the courses you provide are excellent. Learned a lot from it. Also, your short videos on Youtube are great, especially the one on data navigation, which I found very informative.
Student Of Yodalearning

Abdellatif Naciri

“Hello Rishabh, The courses are amazing! You WoW me.”
Alan Best Excel Student Of Yodalearning

Alan Best

Quality Manager Accu-Tec
“Thank you. I love your website (I use it daily to answer questions) Thanks for providing such a valuable resource.”

Len Smith

Business Owner at The Writers’ Guru
This will save so much time I am quite a heavy user of PowerPoint but have never formally learned how to use it properly This course has shown me how incredibly time consuming my ways of using it are.

Peter Klugsberger

(ex-McKinsey & Co. served various senior roles (CEO, COO) in various companies)
“I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with your courses so far – I particularly like the short videos that allow me to get to a topic quickly and then move on (your competitors mostly offer 20-30 min videos which is a bit much to keep one’s attention span). The other gem in your training are the shortcuts, I found no other course with the same insights.”


Learn Excel Formulas, PPT Presentations, VBA & Macros Courses. Get Tips & Tricks For Free

Yoda Learning
August 26, 2017

Freeze row and column in Excel “How to”

Yoda Learning
August 17, 2017

Copy Text from Image Using Microsoft OneNote

This is the How-to-Make-the-Most Guide from Yoda Learning You’ve Been Looking For!

If you desire to become faster and better at office applications, (You can learn Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Excel VBA, Access, Visio, Outlook… ) but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

For me and Yoda Learning community (We all call ourselves Yoda), we focus on helping each other with one goal – How can I get things done in the least possible time a.k.a. smarter-faster-better.

I teach a top-down and results-first approach designed for Knowledge Professionals. This is unlike most academic textbooks and university courses.

Access my best free tutorials on the blog or take the next step with my paid training material to make you HERO at your office

You may be feeling overwhelmed. You may have a lot of questions. I created this page for you. It is your starting point.

What to Expect?

We assume that you’re opened Excel, PowerPoint or Word once in your life, so we won’t take you through basics (like auto sum or drawing a rectangle or changing the font of the text). I’m listing down few of Excel Modeling and Office Productivity Essentials based on your interest area. If it Wows you, keep on reading or come back here

Office Productivity Essential #1: Video Tutorials

We’ve built 1,000+ office productivity hacks microlearning videos. I say microlearning because these videos are ~3-5 minute long which are produced to give you highest RoI per minute. Take look at few of our video tutorials here:

You may also choose to join the free course or take the next step with premium courses

Office Productivity Essential #2: #AskYoda Webinars

Solve your queries on Dynamic Dashboard, Building Simple models, Automation Techniques, Presentation Secrets & many more…

What’s in this for you?

  • Solution to Real-life problems using Office Tricks. Who knows -You are living with a similar problem all your life
  • Learn Industry Best Practices from Office Experts (Trained 10,000+ professionals at PwC, JP Morgan, Nestle, KPMG, over last 5 years)
  • Master New Features of the Software that increases your speed by 4X (Hint: You’ve been ignoring these all your life)

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Office Productivity Essential #3: God-Mode Tutorials on Productivity hacks

We’ve handpicked few of our most read blogs for you. It is a mix of Excel, PPT, VBA Macros Applications. You may also choose to go a particular category of tutorials to make the most out of it. Don’t try to read all these in one particular day. You can join our mailing list and we will keep you updated when we publish something exciting.


Office Productivity Essential #4: LinkedIn Community

I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want the Yoda Learning experience to be our experience, together. That’s how we all learn and grow together, including me.

Join this community to discuss and stay updated with what we learn together.